[The 90s -] Hummingbirds and Health Care Worker’s Strike

This is raw camera footage shot by Skip Blumberg for the TV show The 90s. This particular video shows a home care worker's strike and a brass band called The Hummingbirds playing performing at the demonstration.

0:00Copy video clip URL Open on a New York City street with a brass band playing. There are posters in the background with phrases such as “Dr. King’s Dream Is A-L-I-V-E,” and “Homecare is for everyone who needs it.” This seems to be a strike for homecare. The band is identified as The Hummingbirds. Other signs say “Pay us as home attendants not as servants.” The band and rallying cries continue for the entirety of the video.

13:50Copy video clip URL Switch to shot of police officers setting up barricades with home care workers still in the background and audible. There are several rallying cries but they are difficult to make out. Shot returns to the strikers and the band.

23:11Copy video clip URL Shots of police officers setting up barricades again before moving back to the strikers. Shots return to the police officers who are trying to control the situation. Brass band becomes a marching band and the protest starts moving. “Huelga para subvevir,” “Strike for survival,” “Justice for home workers,” and several other signs of protest are seen.

34:10Copy video clip URL Video ends.



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