#2 Brady – play

This is a dress rehearsal of the 1991 play, "The Real Live Brady Bunch." Notable actors include Jane Lynch as the mother, Carol Brady, and Andy Richter as the father, Mike Brady.

0:00Copy video clip URL Camera opens on 9 people in a square pattern onstage, notables among them are Jane Lynch and Andy Richter. This seems to be the dress rehearsal of a play based on the Brady Bunch as people are calling out corrections throughout.

0:45Copy video clip URL First scene begins and Greg complains about another student, Warren Malaney, to his brother.

1:48Copy video clip URL Marsha tells her sister about a high school boy named Warren Malaney who has asked her out to the pizza parlor. This sets up the conflict of this episode as her brother was just beaten out of a position on the first string of the basketball team by Warren.

10:52Copy video clip URL Greg escalates the problem by dating a girl, Cathy, who beat out Marsha for a spot on the Jr. High cheer leading squad.

16:23Copy video clip URL The play ends with a comedic dunk in the “Brady Booth” after Cathy and Warren begin dating.

21:00Copy video clip URL The director begins to give specific notes to the cast.

24:37Copy video clip URL The film ends.



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