[The 90’s raw: David Halberstam #1]

David Halberstam #1. Pulitzer Prize winning author David Halberstam shares his thoughts on racial inequality, globalization, and the future of the United States.

00:00Copy video clip URL Start tape. Color bars.

00:54Copy video clip URL Start video. David Halberstam discusses the social issues facing the United States.

01:20Copy video clip URL “We are headed, if we do not change our dynamics towards a form, I guess you would call it, modified economic apartheid. That is, we are beginning to realize the economic consequences of two hundred years of slavery and a segregated society are far more complicated and burdensome then we realized.”

02:42Copy video clip URL “Clearly, where we are being beaten by the Japanese is in basic education. We have had forty or fifty years of easy affluence based upon a kind of economic and political hegemony that came after World War II and we have really developed a lot of bad habits.”

05:53Copy video clip URL “I believe that we are using the wrong judgment for national security today”

07:58Copy video clip URL “How do you tell today’s children, who I think are very careless about this, and who don’t know? How do you tell them they are going to compete with the children of Osaka, Seoul, Singapore…?”

09:57Copy video clip URL “To be competitive in the next century, you’re going to have mathematical skills and the key is education.”

10:54Copy video clip URL “The ugly thing that is happening now is we are recrystallizing ourselves along lines of class at a rather accelerating rate.”

12:58Copy video clip URL “The sleek young men and women of Wall Street who, by the time they are thirty, are making a million, two million, or three million dollars a year, in what I think are essentially negative acts damaging the economy, doing mergers and acquisitions with no sense of the consequences. There is a belief they are winners. They’re not winners.”

16:08Copy video clip URL “We are really living in the moment now for the first time, and it really runs through this society, there is a fear that our children are not going to live as well as their parents.”

17:46Copy video clip URL End video.

19:04Copy video clip URL End tape



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