The 90s

Various clips from the award winning television show, The 90's.

00:00Copy video clip URL The cameraman plays a carnival game and wins a doll. We see several more rounds of the game.

10:35Copy video clip URL A horse breeder and one of her horses in Garden Prairie, IL. She talks about how a twitch helps to restrain some horses. Then two horses mate.

16:50Copy video clip URL The host introduces the horse breeding segment for The 90’s.

18:13Copy video clip URL Footage of film editing, inlcuidng designing logos and text to accompany videos for The 90’s.

19:40Copy video clip URL An animation with a song.

20:28Copy video clip URL A slow-motion introduction to a film, including footage of a soccer game. Then back to the animation and music. Then the credits roll.

26:10Copy video clip URL More editing, with various logos that say “Surf Report.” Then another that says “Art Works.”

35:28Copy video clip URL Color bars with high pitched buzzing.

35:45Copy video clip URL The 90’s Graphic Elements, Tom Weinberg. Introduction to the television show The 90’s.

47:40Copy video clip URL An animated logo saying, “American Way.” The statue of liberty holds a video camera.

52:00Copy video clip URL Audio of a crowd cheering.

56:05Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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