[The 90’s raw: Real Live Brady Bunch]

Layoff of raw footage for The 90's. Skip Blumberg interviews cast and crew for the New York production of "The Real Live Brady Bunch Game Show." Several scene rehearsals are recorded, too.

0:03Copy video clip URL Color bars.

0:44Copy video clip URL Open to a cab driver’s eyes reflected in a rear view mirror. Skip Blumberg interviews him from the backseat about aging. The driver is 50 years old.

1:25Copy video clip URL Color bars.

2:03Copy video clip URL Blumberg on a street corner in New York City.

2:23Copy video clip URL Jill and Faith Soloway play at the piano and sing. Cut to a Susan Messing talking about how the 1970s were the “Me Decade.”

2:59Copy video clip URL Julie Phillips talks about how similar the decades are to each other, even if marketing tells people otherwise. She talks about how the younger generation will be making the real changes.

4:34Copy video clip URL Jill Soloway, 26, talks about how little there is for her generation to identify with. She talks about how the Brady Brunch is a sham. Faith Soloway, 27, says that all she had growing up was disco and the Brady Bunch. They agree with each other that they’ve missed the good parts of the ’60s and ’70s and continue their discussion of the Brady Brunch.

9:36Copy video clip URL The Soloways talk about how important feminism is for their theater company. Cut to the friends inside a grocer. They talk about how Madonna once visited the store.

10:13Copy video clip URL Cut to outside a the Village Gate theater. The theater is showing “The Real Live Brady Bunch Game Show.” Blumberg records inside the theater for a rehearsal of the dress performance. Jill Soloway gives stage direction.

15:24Copy video clip URL Jane Lynch talks about the show. Another woman is interviewed by Blumberg. She was in episodes of the actual Brady Bunch show. She reminisces about being a child actor. Blumberg goes onstage and records the actors rehearsing.

22:02Copy video clip URL Roll call. Cut to a scene rehearsal.

25:02Copy video clip URL Jane Lynch and Becky Thyre rehearse a scene. Other scenes are rehearsed. Several include Lynch (Carol Brady) and Andy Richter (Mike Brady).

34:38Copy video clip URL Cut to more scene rehearsals. The crew works on a scene involving a water-dunk booth.

40:02Copy video clip URL Rehearsal ends for the day. They repair the water dunk tank.

46:18Copy video clip URL Cut to outside the theater. Jill Soloway, is speaking with Blumberg and Julie Phillips. Phillips railed against nostalgia with Blumberg. They talk about how they were affected by the Brady Bunch.

54:02Copy video clip URL They discuss the difference between the television world and the real world and how difficult it is for children to see the difference. Color bars.

57:06Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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