[The 90s raw: Bits And Pieces of Skip’s World]

Raw footage for the award-winning series The 90's shot by Skip Blumberg. A variety of everyday scenes are pictured: African American at-risk youth read poems predicting the state of affairs in the 1990s. A woman feeds squirrels on a park bench in England. Most of the video is from a baseball game between the Cuban national team and the Indians [?] in Granada, Nicaragua.

0:05Copy video clip URL Open to a baseball player at batting practice.

0:09Copy video clip URL Cut to outside an anti-censorship rally. Skip Blumberg asks a protester whether she’s writing down the chant, “Hey, hey, ho, ho, censorship has got to go.” She replies, “No, I can remember that one.”

0:42Copy video clip URL Cut to a park bench. A woman feeds squirrels bread crumbs. The woman likes the squirrels but hates pigeons.

1:59Copy video clip URL Blumberg is at a high school class for drop-out risk students. They’re learning poetry. Student Kelly Simmons reads a poem about how it’s going to be in the 1990s. She reads another poem, “Rampage.”

4:55Copy video clip URL Interview with another student, Shikar. He reads a more optimistic poem about how the ‘9os will be.

5:51Copy video clip URL Another student, Shelly, reads her poem about the ’90s.

6:49Copy video clip URL After a brief shot of an interview with a baseball player, cut to a park in England. Video of the top of a church copula. A man whistles loudly and startles a swarm of birds.

9:22Copy video clip URL Cut back to the interview with a baseball player, the pitcher, with the Indians. He discusses a potential problem with his players. He wears a fancy mustache. He talks about how “travel is a great teacher.” The players and him describe their poor living situation in Nicaragua and the baseball season in general.

15:45Copy video clip URL The pitcher is a social studies teacher during the off season. He talks about how his experiences there in Nicaragua for spring training will deepen his understanding of history in class for the fall. They talk about his mustache. Cut to players post-practice. A player ices his hand. Blumberg sets the camera down on a railing. He records the baseball field from an askew angle as the microphone records chit chat among the coaches.

20:41Copy video clip URL Cut to a road in Nicaragua. Blumberg records from the front of a bus traveling down the road. Video of various houses and streets. They stop the bus as an old train passes in front of them. A queue of people wait to board the train. The bus passes a horse and carriage.

26:43Copy video clip URL They stop and exit the bus. One of the players uses pidgin Spanish to speak with a local woman, an employee of their hotel. The audio cuts out briefly. Blumberg records a group of children holding platters of food.

29:46Copy video clip URL Cut to inside the hotel. They’re trying to repair a leaky faucet in the bathroom. They are in room 3 of the El Hambra Hotel in Granada. A player describes how the other players fled the room because of a giant cockroach and a lizard in the room.

31:11Copy video clip URL Cut to inside the hotel’s banquet hall. Players are eating breakfast. Blumberg records various locals and players as they go about their business. He records players from a Cuban team and local people on the street. Players board a bus while the locals loiter in the street.

35:45Copy video clip URL Cut to near the baseball field. A group of local people sit on the remains of a building and watch players unload their equipment. Cut to one of the players speaking with fans through a chain-linked fence at the baseball stadium. Audio cuts out briefly. Blumberg records a player at bat. Audio cuts out. Blumberg records the scoreboard. End of the inning.

39:26Copy video clip URL Interview with the pitcher again. Blumberg records in the dugout. From the first base line Blumberg records a correspondent from CNN reporting on the game. He records several more at bats.

48:42Copy video clip URL In the dugout the pitcher analyzes the game. He leaves the dugout for the next inning. He pitches against a batter. Video of the crowd watching the game. The inning ends. The players talk about the inning in the dugout.

58:43Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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