[The 90’s raw: Skip demo part 2 – Ernesto Cardenal]

Raw footage for the award-winning series The 90's. More assorted footage shot by Skip Blumberg, followed by an interview with Ernesto Cardenal.

0:05Copy video clip URL Open to a still shot of a protest. Video comes in of the anti-censorship protest. Skip Blumberg interviews Bill Sap from the Institute of Media Analysis. Sap: “Television is part of the establishment media…none of the networks today are any longer owned by companies whose major business is news. They’re now all cogs in conglomerate wheels…”

3:23Copy video clip URL Cut to a bus stop. A policeman tries to keep the crowd of protesters moving. They march down a large boulevard. A woman explains her sign: “A Thousand Points of View.” She wants more perspectives in the media. Several quick in tape cuts. Police wrangle the protesters outside the ABC headquarters in New York City. The protesters shout: “Shame!” Another protester shouts: “Stop the killing!” Another group chants: “Tell the truth!”

8:37Copy video clip URL The protesters make their way down their route. A man shouts: “Stop the lying!” Apartment residents watch as the protesters pass. A woman shouts into the camera: “It’s happening, Nancy!” A man on a megaphone laments the Gulf War. Protesters shout: “No blood for oil!” Another man sings into a megaphone: “Shame, shame, shame, America!…where are you roaming, America?” Blumberg records media reporting on the event. Blumber interviews a man wearing a patriotic hat.

15:06Copy video clip URL Cut to someone setting up a camera on the street. No audio briefly. Cut to the protesters circling a man with a megaphone: “Tonight it’s about 2 o’clock in the morning in the Gulf. Right now about 100 people still stand between armies…in a peace camp to bring this war to a close. How many of you have heard about the Gulf Peace Team?” Cut to protesters shouting at television cameras.

18:08Copy video clip URL Cut to inside a car. Blumberg records an interview with Ernesto Cardenal. A woman translates the interview. Cardinal describes the current affairs in Nicaragua: “There’s an economic situation that’s very, very grave…” He speaks briefly about the history of the Nicaraguan Revolution and the Sandinistas.

25:29Copy video clip URL Cardenal talks about being labeled a Communist in the United States: “The North American public doesn’t understand that there’s an iron curtain here…there isn’t a country in the world that denies me a visa…but here, no, there’s an iron curtain, and the United States public doesn’t know it…” He talks about going to the U.S. now to read poetry and that speaking engagements are his primary source of income. He mentions that the main reason he visits the United States is to buy books.

32:35Copy video clip URL He describes visiting an aquarium and how life sciences inspires him as a poet. Then they talk about his position as a priest in the revolutionary government and the strength of the revolution.

44:08Copy video clip URL They leave the car and continue the interview inside a restaurant. They talk about assassinations and the invasion of Panama. Cardenal explains his perspective on U.S. intervention in Central America.

53:08Copy video clip URL Cardenal explains the perspective of the majority of people in Nicaragua about the people of the United States. He explains the influence of capitalism on his ideology. They talk about how media corrupts people’s perspectives and that religion and intellectual life can change this corruption. He says television manipulates people the most. The interviewers ask him whether it is then necessary to go through television to enact revolutionary change. Cardenal says that, indeed, they must use television, but that television cannot be the only avenue.

1:02:15Copy video clip URL Cut to inside the car. People are navigating somewhere in Los Angeles, California.

1:02:31Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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