[The 90’s raw: Tony Schwartz interview part 2]

Footage for a The 90's People segment featuring media activist Tony Schwartz, followed by various people introducing The 90's.

00:00Copy video clip URL Color bars and tone.

00:57Copy video clip URL Tony Schwartz chats with the producer. The tape cuts in at the middle of a funny story he is telling.

02:09Copy video clip URL Schwartz talks about recording children for a toothbrush commercial. In matching kids’ comments to their own faces, it wasn’t moving. So he matched up the voices the way people would think they would fit. In television, he talks about the sensory balance required for people to absorb the important material. Lowering visual stimuli to make people focus on the audio is very effective.

05:20Copy video clip URL Schwartz talks about politics and corruption.

07:53Copy video clip URL Schwartz says he’s done about 450 political campaigns. He chooses a candidate on the basis of his own interest in the person or problem, and the way he would be asked to work with the campaign, among other factors. He says he didn’t feel the need to stick with one party in this work.

12:43Copy video clip URL Satellite dishes on top of an ABC studio.

14:40Copy video clip URL A woman named Ellen introduces a segment about power, money, and greed in the 80’s versus in the 90’s.

15:35Copy video clip URL A man says, “This is the 90’s!” in different tones of voice.

16:25Copy video clip URL A group of young men and women say in unison, “This is the 90’s!”

17:08Copy video clip URL An old man says, “I’ll see you in the 90’s!”

17:49Copy video clip URL An old woman gives her own 90’s introduction.

18:12Copy video clip URL An Israeli woman says, “I am from Israel, and this is the 90’s!”

19:02Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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