The 90’s

Footage from the award winning television show, The 90's.

00:00Copy video clip URL A man with glasses and a white beard talks about the pro-democracy movement and environmentalists’ interest in this movement. He talks about George Bush, in terms of misrepresentation in the media.

02:05Copy video clip URL A group of four people talk outside. One of them tells a political joke.

03:55Copy video clip URL Next to a pool, they chat and make small talk. Two dogs play in the yard. They talk about different politicians.

10:00Copy video clip URL “I’ll vote for Bush, but I’m not happy,” says one of the men. Then he and another man leave the yard.

10:53Copy video clip URL A man talks about Thai exporting of logs. He talks about how America should follow their lead and ban the import of tropical lumber. He also criticizes George Bush. “We want a forest, not a Bush,” he says.

12:10Copy video clip URL A room full of American Gladiators wait for their turn in the ring.

12:50Copy video clip URL A woman talks about being a gladiator. Then a male gladiator talks about becoming a part of this sport. A Texan woman is interviewed as well.

16:28Copy video clip URL A very muscular woman says her nine-year-old daughter talked her into being a gladiator.

17:30Copy video clip URL The ring before the event begins. The crowd cheers. The American Gladiators prepare to enter the ring.

19:10Copy video clip URL Two female opponents battle on their pedestals.

20:40Copy video clip URL People sit outside with merchandise from the show.

22:22Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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