[The 90’s raw: Eddie Tape #90 – Willard on aging]

Eddie Tape #90. Willard on aging

00:00Copy video clip URL Videographer Eddie Becker is on location with NBC meteorologist Willard Scott outside the NBC studios in Washington, DC. A camera crew is preparing for Scott’s live report. Willard reviews his script notes. He practices pitching a packaged dog treats gift compliments of an animal shelter.

03:08Copy video clip URL Willard removes videographer’s lavaliere and the videographer switches to camera microphone.

04:20Copy video clip URL Willard goes live on the air. He gives a plug to a shelter and gives birthday wishes to a woman who turned 100-years-old. He gives his weather report.

07:19Copy video clip URL The live feed ends. Camera crew prepares for Willard’s next report.

11:07Copy video clip URL Videographer interviews Scott. He says he’s been sending out birthday wishes since 1983. Someone sent him a card asking if he’d mention the 100-birthday of a relative. Willard thought it would be unique as no other journalist was doing that. He notes that gimmick has been the greatest thing of his career. He says he gets 80-150 requests a day from centenarians asking for their birthday to be announced. He says reports indicate there are about 40,000 centenarians in the US today and it’s predicted by the year 2000 there will be 100,000.

12:43Copy video clip URL The interview ends and the videographer follows Scott into the NBC building.

13:00Copy video clip URL The videographer is in the lobby of the NBC building near the reception area, observing the environment. A live feed of Scott on a TV screen giving his report. The videographer walks outside around back to the actual location where Scott is filing his report.

16:05Copy video clip URL The report ends. The crew converses with one another. Scott rehearses and then records two takes of a special birthday  for Claire Willi. He records a Christmas and Chanukah holiday promo.

19:42Copy video clip URL The recording finishes and the crew congregates.

20:22Copy video clip URL Scott records a improvised promo for The 90’s TV show.

21:16Copy video clip URL END



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