[The 90’s raw: Eddie Tape #112 – Democratic convention]

Eddie Tape #112. Last New York Democratic convention. Becker at the 1992 Democratic National Convention, various interviews.

00:00Copy video clip URL Footage continues from Tape 10954. Bill Clinton in mid-speech at the 1992 Democratic National Convention in New York City. Conventioneers listening, responding. One couple mocks Clinton’s speech.

06:28Copy video clip URL A man tells Betty Aberlin that Clinton’s speech, about reducing crime in the United States is impressive. Their discussion is hard to hear over the crowd. He talks about the value of educating children in America. ‘Chicago Slices’ videographer Patrick Creadon is seen with his camcorder.

08:28Copy video clip URL Continued footage of Clinton’s speech. Aberlin, wearing a blond wig, continues reading the copy of Clinton’s speech she’s earlier procured. Clinton addresses issues of welfare, foreign policy, defense, spending.

10:30Copy video clip URL The crowd listening to Clinton’s speech. Clinton says that each person has the moral responsibility to make tomorrow better. Aberlin continues to read Clinton’s speech from her printed notes. She reads as Clinton speak in the background. He pleads for a happy future. He wants to ensure “no one is left out, no one is left behind.” Clinton finishes up his speech saying that he still believes in hope.

15:00Copy video clip URL The crowd cheers. The two who’ve been mocking his speech call out for the balloons to drop. Fleetwood Mac’s song “Don’t Stop” plays. The crowd claps in rhythm. The videographer scans the room and focuses on the balloons tied up against the ceiling in anticipation of dropping.

16:40Copy video clip URL The balloons drop. Aberlin removes her blond wig. The crowd continues cheering and clapping and singing.

20:15Copy video clip URL The crowd holds hands and sings along to a soulful Motown song “Circle of Friends”.

23:29Copy video clip URL END



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