[The 90’s Election Specials raw: 36th ward office with William J.P. Banks #2]

Raw tape for The 90's election specials. A continuation election footage from the 36th ward office of Chicago, where Alderman William J.P. Banks is tallying primary election results from the precinct.

00:00Copy video clip URL On the day of primary elections in Chicago and Illinois, videomaker Eddie Becker goes to Chicago’s 36th Ward Democratic Organization office, home of 36th Ward Alderman and Democratic Ward Committeeman William J.P. Banks. Banks and other ward employees take care of practical business, such as phone calls. They casually discuss voter trends.

08:52Copy video clip URL Banks talks about Republicans not turning out to vote, suggesting that perhaps they are voting as cross-overs. The volunteers head to the back for a lunch break, where Banks and others discuss split precincts. A man running for a spot in the ward has been placed in another district during the election.

13:30Copy video clip URL Becker interviews Carol Kelly, who is running to fill a Cook County circuit court judge vacancy. She and Banks talk to Becker about women in politics: “Women are becoming more and more visible in the party, just as they are in the judiciary.” She comments on the fact that in Chicago, judges are elected rather than appointed (as in many areas), which she sees as problematic, since judges are supposed to be apolitical once they are elected. On top of being elected, circuit court judges must initially run on a specific party ticket, despite the fact that they are supposed to be disconnected from politics. [Kelly eventually did become a Cook County circuit judge in the juvenile justice department.]

22:56Copy video clip URL Banks talks about Clinton campaign manager David Wilhelm originally campaigning for Mayor Daley. They receive more results from around the ward, not about for whom people voted, but if they voted in the Democratic or Republican primary. Kelly talks about crossover votes in DuPage County, and describes the general dynamic in their ward: “It’s not unusual to have a Republican president [elected] in the 36th ward, and every other official a Democrat.”

35:22Copy video clip URL Exterior shots of the ward, and Chicago streets, a billboard for a “Becker beeper.”

37:22Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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