[The 90’s Election Specials raw: Aaron Freeman/West Side #2]

Raw tape for The 90's election specials.

00:08Copy video clip URL Footage begins after static. Voices are unintelligible as camera pans and zooms to show a barbershop interior.

00:51Copy video clip URL Aaron Freeman, Chicago author, performer, TV and radio host, asks a woman (Chantel Lisen? She says her name later but hard to understand) if she is going to vote democratic. She is, and talks with Freeman about her dislike for George Bush and Clinton’s affair: “I don’t even think he did too much campaigning after that. She did it for him.” Interestingly, she doesn’t mind Clinton’s affair and thinks all politicians lie anyway. They also discuss the economy and unemployment. The woman thinks money that is sent overseas should be used in the US on welfare programs instead.

04:19Copy video clip URL Freeman: “Have you always voted Democratic?” Chantel: “Always.” She has also voted in every election.

06:24Copy video clip URL Tom Weinberg asks Chantel where she votes, and how she knows which candidate is the right one for her/how she gets information about them. Another woman answers: “You only can read about them, that’s the only way we find out. There should be a better way.” This woman cites books, newspapers, and TV. Weinberg, Chantel, and this woman continue talking about how to get information on candidates, and how some candidates who are not on tv (Carol Moseley Braun) are not, and therefore people know less about them.

10:02Copy video clip URL The other woman mentions seeing campaign workers around the neighborhood, sending out literature and holding meetings.

10:47Copy video clip URL Interview with the women ends. As Weinberg and Freeman make their way to the front of the store, the woman follows them and asks if they’re going to find a way to bring unbiased candidate information to people like her.

12:08Copy video clip URL Weinberg and Freeman leave the shop. They talk about the people they just interviewed but the passing traffic drowns them out.

12:48Copy video clip URL Static.

12:54Copy video clip URL End of Tape.



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