[The 90s Election Specials raw: Braun Spiaggia fundraiser]

Raw footage for The 90's election specials. Carol Moseley Braun fundraiser in Chicago before the Democratic primaries. Interview with Braun's Finance Committee Chairman John Rogers and footage of Braun at the party.

00:00Copy video clip URL Carol Moseley Braun fundraiser in Chicago, IL. Attendees are seen entering, and there are general shots of the event.

01:59Copy video clip URL A few shots of some campaign paraphernalia. Party guests continue to sign in and enter the fundraiser.

03:47Copy video clip URL John Rogers of Ariel Capital Management and Chairman of Carol Moseley Braun’s Finance Committee talks about his work with Braun. As Finance Committee Chairman, Rogers focuses his time on getting people interested in Braun and her political work. He states that they hope to raise $100,000 at the fundraiser. Rogers goes on to lay out a realistic budget for a candidate to run for Senate. He states that a lot of the “big bucks” have been drawn more towards the campaign of incumbent Alan Dixon.

06:59Copy video clip URL Rogers describes Braun’s campaign as “sincere” and claims the media has treated her unfairly. Both Dixon and fellow Democratic candidate Albert Hofeld have received far more coverage than Braun. “I think we’ll win because of the fact that Carol has the best ideas, she’s the most sincere person who cares about all of the people–she represents all of the people, and the United States Senate right now is not a very representative body… So I think that we need to have a better, more representative United States Senate.” Rogers goes on to say that Braun could lose because of the lack of money raised during her campaign, and worries because of some of the unfair treatment Braun has received.

09:47Copy video clip URL Videomaker Tom Weinberg continues to ask Rogers about the importance of Braun running in the Senate race. “I think it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity to get a black woman in the United States Senate. It might be a long time in the future before we’ll have another chance like this. She’d be the first one ever and we just need to get that word out. Too many people don’t know the story, I think partially because the press hasn’t been reporting it and hasn’t been talking about it. And we just hope that the debates make a difference the same way they did for Harold Washington back in 1983.” Rogers and Weinberg continue to talk about the similarities between Braun and former Chicago mayor Harold Washington.

11:39Copy video clip URL Interviewer Ray Haninia asks if there is any truth to Braun intending to run for Mayor of Chicago. Rogers says he hasn’t heard anything about that.

12:22Copy video clip URL Cut to general party footage. Harp and flute musicians perform while attendees sip on cocktails and dine on hors d’oeuvres.

16:53Copy video clip URL Cut to footage of Carol Moseley Braun speaking with a few of her supporters upon arriving at the fundraiser. Braun approaches her supporters with smiles. She makes her way around the party, chatting with supporters.

21:14Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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