[The 90s Election Specials raw: Brown at South Side Irish parade #2]

Raw footage for the 90's Election Specials. Presidential candidate Jerry Brown at the South Side Irish [St. Patrick's Day] parade in the Beverly neighborhood of Chicago.

00:00Copy video clip URL Presidential candidate Jerry Brown shakes hands and marches in the parade with his supporters, and is constantly bombarded by press. Most of the tape then follows the Brown campaign marching with a large banner, while his supporters chant, “Jerry! Jerry!”. Videomaker Judy Hoffman has a few brief interviews with supporters, which are mostly vanilla or inaudible. She also tapes some of her colleagues from The 90’s.

16:50Copy video clip URL One Brown supporter complains about the lack of media coverage Brown receives, as opposed to other candidates, such as Clinton. She is almost inaudible over the cheering (“Take back America!”), but continues to talk about how, besides through mainstream media and soundbites, campaigns should be run.

24:14Copy video clip URL “This kind of energy is a positive energy,” one volunteer says, when questioned about Brown’s ideas. He is enthusiastic but unwilling to think about hypotheticals. At the very end, an environmentally aware supporter says, “We’re supposed to be doing it as a ‘We the People’ campaign, and I hope we’ll get around to doing that.”

28:43Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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