[The 90’s Election Specials raw: Buchanan #1]

Raw footage for the 90's Election Specials. Republican presidential candidate Pat Buchanan arrives at an airport in Chicago, and then speaks at Elmhurst College.

00:00Copy video clip URL Black.

00:06Copy video clip URL George Grey, from Buchanan’s Illinois campaign, speaks to videomaker Aaron Freeman at the airport about Buchanan’s imminent arrival, and complains about a lack of sleep. Another man says he is “tired of Bush acting conservative and voting moderate,” and says that’s why he is supporting Buchanan. As for allegations of Buchanan having intolerant views, the man feels that the media has twisted many things that Buchanan has said.

09:55Copy video clip URL Aaron Freeman talks to a black woman, a Buchanan supporter, about family values. She advocates men being the head of the household. She also says “liberals don’t give blacks the chance to succeed.” After this, waiting around the airport while nothing interesting happens.

19:30Copy video clip URL Inside a press van stuffed with people. Nothing of note occurs.

23:34Copy video clip URL People begin to get off of a plane, people wave Buchanan signs, and eventually Buchanan gets off the plane.

29:39Copy video clip URL On a press bus, and then a Buchanan event at Elmhurst College. Press set up.

33:00Copy video clip URL Buchanan arrives, a woman leads the pledge of allegiance, and one of Buchanan’s campaign workers introduces Buchanan.

35:45Copy video clip URL Buchanan speaks about his motives for entering the presidential race, citing Bush’s hypocrisy specifically, with respect to quota bills. He continues to criticize Bush and emphasize himself as the real Republican candidate.

43:56Copy video clip URL Tape cuts, and Buchanan is talking about a scandal involving checks, and criticizing the Bush administration’s handling of this issue. He then goes on to describe how he would impose term limits and stop foreign aid to the Soviet Union. “Humanitarian aid, yes… but we can’t start writing checks and sending them over into that bureaucracy.”

49:28Copy video clip URL Buchanan takes questions, which are inaudible. The tape cuts many times, Buchanan talks more about quotas, and mentions college loans. Brief footage at the end of the tape of the assembly of a podium for Buchanan.

55:11Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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