[The 90’s Election Specials raw: Bush at Polish National Alliance #2]

Raw tape for The 90's election specials. President George H.W. Bush speaks to the Polish National Alliance at the Hyatt in Chicago. The camera is situated very far back in the room and doesn't capture anything very interesting. The camera was also briefly turned off during the classic moment from this event, when Polish National Alliance President Ed Moskal calls Bush a "freedom farter." Since Bush only appears for a few minutes, the majority of the tape is just footage of the press.

00:00Copy video clip URL Camera opens looking at a crowded area full of press and cameras. The camera is far back in the room, so the president is barely visible. A sign above him says, “Polish National Alliance Witamy/Welcomes President George Bush” Someone says a prayer for the president, and a priest speaks in Polish.

05:30Copy video clip URL Bush begins to speak, mainly about Polish people and freedom. However, the tape cuts a lot, and the camera looks mostly at the press.

10:25Copy video clip URL Polish music begins to play, and people talk to the camera about the president’s planned visit to Poland. Reporter Dan Weir is unenthusiastic about the story. Some people are in Polish costume.

28:43Copy video clip URL Tape cuts to Eden’s, a fast food restaurant across the street that was busy because of the president’s visit. Employees behind the counter talk about the excitement of the day, but express dissatisfaction with Bush because of unemployment.

34:08Copy video clip URL The tape cuts to footage of press working with computers and broadcasting equipment in a press room full of long tables especially for them. They record segments about Bush and watch clips on monitors. Some talk to videomaker Diane Abt about the presidential election, but the tape is mostly footage of journalists concentrating on work for about half an hour.

01:02:31Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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