[The 90’s election specials raw: Bush campaign office and Commission on Presidential Debates]

Raw tape for The 90's election specials. Videomaker Eddie Becker interviews Bush supporters and employees of the Bush campaign, and tapes inside and outside of Bush Campaign headquarters.

00:00Copy video clip URL The exterior of the office building in the evening where the Bush campaign is run. Becker talks to passing businessmen on the street, including a Bush campaign worker who directs Becker to the press office. A Bush supporter scathingly criticizes Clinton.

3:10Copy video clip URL On the street, Bush supporter is reluctant to say whom he will vote for, telling Eddie Becker that he wants Alfred E. Newman to win the presidency. When pressed by Eddie, the man says “Bush is gonna kick [Clinton’s] ass!”

05:07Copy video clip URL The tape cuts. Dave Carney, Director of Political Affairs and National Field Director for the Bush / Quayle campaign, is interviewed inside Bush Campaign headquarters. He predictably discusses the pros of Bush and cons of Clinton in explaining the basic issues of the campaign. He emphasizes lack of government control in citizens’ lives.

10:00Copy video clip URL Becker asks about the debates, and Carney says they will be focused on the economy, and then goes on to talk about the details of Clinton’s, Perot’s, and Bush’s plans. Carney talks about Clinton’s contradictory stories concerning the Vietnam war.

22:50Copy video clip URL The interview ends and Becker tries to shoot footage of the office, but he holds the camera upside down, presumably at his side, for secrecy.

28:30Copy video clip URL Erika Becker, Eddie Becker’s daughter, talks about her experience shooting the previous footage with her father. She appears to be talking about some footage they took of the Bush campaign, and the bad reactions they got from the people there.

33:21Copy video clip URL While discussing the Clinton’s alleged draft dodging, Becker reveals to Erika that he, too, dodged the draft, and was sentenced to three years in jail.

37:16Copy video clip URL Bob Newman, The Director of Media Arrangements for the Commission on Presidential Debates, is interviewed in an office crowded with papers. He discusses the role of his position — taking care of press credentials and materials for the debates–, and the uniqueness of this election’s debates. The two campaigns had trouble deciding on the number and dates of the debates, and the involvement of the commission seemed to be an issue.

47:20Copy video clip URL Newman says the first debate is a panel, and discusses the difference between single moderator and panel debates. Bush has pushed for panel debates.

49:18Copy video clip URL Footage of Newman in his office, making typical phone calls.

53:27Copy video clip URL Footage of the office without sound.

56:37Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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