[The 90’s Election Specials raw: Bush primary party and Dixon primary party]

Raw footage for The 90's election specials. This tape features footage from the Illinois primary election day, March 17, 1992. The first segment takes place at a Bush / Quayle 1992 primary party. President George H.W. Bush makes a phone call to the party. Then, tape from Senate incumbent Alan Dixon's party, at which he makes an eloquent concession speech to Carol Moseley Braun.

00:00Copy video clip URL Sound checks, playing with the wireless mic.

03:53Copy video clip URL Waiting for the Bush / Quayle party to begin in a hotel.

06:03Copy video clip URL Bush calls in to speak with the party-goers over a loud speaker while Illinois Gov. Jim Edgar is onstage. Men at the sound board manage the call. After the uneventful campaign call, Jim Edgar introduces Rich Williamson, the Republican candidate for Senate.

09:33Copy video clip URL The tape cuts, and videomaker Scott Jacobs is in a hotel room with Bush campaign workers. They are analyzing the Illinois Senate race while watching news coverage of Democratic Senate candidate, Carol Moseley Braun. Her victory speech is broadcast, and the Republicans break out a calculator to figure out margins.

26:24Copy video clip URL Interview with the (slightly drunk) hotel owner, a Bush supporter. “I truly believe in George Bush.” General footage of the party.

43:36Copy video clip URL Cardboard George Bush holding a sign for Rich Williamson. We follow Brian Boyer, a political consultant as he tries to find Illinois Gov. Jim Edgar’s room at the hotel.

47:33Copy video clip URL At a party for Illinois Democratic Senate candidate, Alan Dixon. Dixon is the incumbent, but is about to be defeated by Carol Moseley Braun.

53:00Copy video clip URL Dixon gives his concession speech, and throws his support to Braun. He also announces his retirement from politics, saying he will never again run for any office. He is surprisingly gracious and eloquent in his defeat. “I leave you… with no unhappiness and with great joy… I loved every golden moment of it.”

56:38Copy video clip URL In a cab, Jacobs talks to the cab driver about election results. The cab driver is a “straight Republican,” and reluctant to speak very much.

59:53Copy video clip URL An exterior shot of Miller’s Pub in Chicago, and then we go inside. We find other “The 90’s” contributors Eddie Becker, Joel Cohen, and Skip Blumberg in a booth.

01:01:04Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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