[The 90’s Election Specials raw: Carol Moseley Braun election night #1]

Raw tape for The 90's election specials. This tape covers the 1992 Illinois Senatorial primary between incumbent Alan Dixon, Carol Moseley Braun, and Al Hofeld. Carol Moseley Braun waits for results and celebrates her win on the primary election night.

00:00Copy video clip URL Videomaker Diane Abt speaks with Chicago alderman John Lee Bingham in a dimly lit hallway at Carol Moseley Braun’s election party. Piano music plays in the background. Bingham supports Braun despite the fact that Dixon is the Machine-endorsed candidate. He talks about her race, the impact of the debate, and her grassroots campaigning strategies on a low budget: “This is changing politics.”

06:45Copy video clip URL The camera is pointed at the floor as cameraman Steve Golden talks to other members of the press. Eventually, the camera heads into a crowded room with balloons where people wait excitedly for results.

10:45Copy video clip URL Braun’s brother Joe Moseley is interviewed about the campaign, but he doesn’t want to answer any questions about his sister because he has “too much going on in his head.” A band plays in the background.

13:09Copy video clip URL Interview with activist Kay Clement, who talks glowingly about Braun and what she means for America. She begins by talking about how she coaxed Braun into politics in 1978, and Braun’s experience. “The fact that Illinois could elect the first black woman senator is no small thing… It’s wonderful!”

22:32Copy video clip URL Abt casually talks to unidentified party-goers, all enthusiastic about Braun: “Carol is doing what George Bush would like people to think America is like.”

28:33Copy video clip URL Braun is interviewed by the press, including reporter Robert Jordan, in a spotlight. It is difficult to hear her, and the tape cuts.

29:20Copy video clip URL Abt interviews Braun’s mother, Edna Moseley, in a more private party room. Edna Moseley talks about Braun’s history in politics. “She’s good at making plans and carrying them out.” Her mother never doubted her or her decision to run for the Senate: “She’s up to it, any challenge.”

32:09Copy video clip URL Braun and Representative Jan Schakowsky squeal and embrace each other, apparently anticipating Braun’s win.

34:43Copy video clip URL Interview with Braun about her win in the primary. “We overcame with odds with little money… went to the people and ran an old-fashioned campaign.” She talks about how this represents that you can get into politics without a lot of money. “Given the fact that Senate has been such a closed institution – an elitist institution – given the fact that someone like me – working class, African American – can get in the Senate, is very positive.”

42:10Copy video clip URL Everyone sits around watching the news reports on TV as the official votes go in Braun’s favor.

52:05Copy video clip URL Interview with the jubilant Jan Schakowsky about Braun’s win. “This is a historic moment… What an empowerment of women and minorities across the nation.” “This is the kind of day that you tell your grandchildren about…. It’s my victory, too.”

56:13Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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