[The 90’s Election Specials raw: Carol Moseley Braun walkathon]

Raw tape for The 90's election specials. This tape covers the 1992 Illinois Senatorial primary between incumbent Alan Dixon, Carol Moseley Braun, and Al Hofeld. Videomaker Diane Abt goes to the Carol Moseley Braun Walkathon in Grant Park in Chicago and then attends a press screening for the senatorial debate.

0:00Copy video clip URL Videomaker Diane Abt goes to the Carol Moseley Braun Walkathon in Grant Park for International Women’s Day. Participants articulate their reasons for supporting Braun, most of which are related to their desire to have a female senator. (All of the proceeds from the event were donated to the campaign.)

00:23Copy video clip URL At a table handing out t-shirts, women explain that Vicki Meyer decided to create this event in order to promote International Women’s Day and to support the Braun campaign. They praise Braun’s rational decision making and focus on women.

07:23Copy video clip URL Cuts to shots of people walking (no audio for a minute or so), and then Abt talks to Clement, Braun’s campaign manager, who says that the event is not a major fundraiser, but a way for people to show support. She also emphasizes the importance of diversifying the Senate.

11:35Copy video clip URL Cuts to the end of the walk & run, where a clock stands by to tell people how long it took to go the 3 miles.

15:10Copy video clip URL A sign says “Impeach Thomas & Dixon.” Abt talks to men who are not necessarily Democrats or in support of Braun, but dislike the incumbent, Dixon. A woman says that a vote for Braun is a “vote for integrity,” and likes that Braun is firmly pro-choice.

20:42Copy video clip URL Tape cuts to more people crossing the finish line. The participants begin walking to a rally. Most of them emphasize the importance of having women in the Senate, and balancing the viewpoints in Congress.

30:35Copy video clip URL A group of people hold Al Hofeld signs outside.

31:38Copy video clip URL Abt goes to WLS-TV, where the Senatorial debate will be held. Inside, she interviews some Braun-supporting reporters and watches some of the debate from the press room monitor.

33:15Copy video clip URL Interview with Chuck Sweeney (?), who says that Braun’s downstate supporters are very enthusiastic about her, and like that she doesn’t sling mud.

36:22Copy video clip URL Frank James, from the Chicago Tribune, says that Braun has made this a real race, because she is talking about the issues. He speculates about her getting more exposure in the last leg of the race, and her personality helping her.

40:21Copy video clip URL Turns to Abt and the TV monitor, as the reporters continue to discuss Braun and the issues among themselves.

44:54Copy video clip URL Tape cuts to the monitor briefly, which shows people as they prepare for the debate.

45:42Copy video clip URL Abt interviews another reporter, Andy Shaw, who says it’s like Henry Cole’s election. “A strong black female in the race is going to get a lot of votes, even without money… you can’t buy elections here.”

48:43Copy video clip URL The debate on the monitor begins, and the reporters take notes. The candidates introduce themselves in the background, and then tape cuts multiple times, talking about unemployment, public works, etc.

54:43Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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