[The 90’s Election Specials raw: Clinton election night Palmer House]

Raw footage for The 90's election specials. The tape covers Bill Clinton's primary election night party at Chicago's Palmer House Hilton hotel. The set-up for the party is briefly taped before Bill and Hillary Clinton arrive. Bill Clinton delivers his primary victory speech. Afterward, some partygoers (all Clinton supporters) are interviewed, and other media outlets cover the party.

00:00Copy video clip URL The tape begins with a black screen. The camera person can be heard rustling around in the background.

01:03Copy video clip URL Brief footage of a television newscast off a TV monitor.

01:25Copy video clip URL Inside the Palmer House Hilton hotel in Chicago, where set-up for Bill Clinton’s primary election night party is taking place. There is a large American flag hanging over a podium, and typical red, white and blue decorations. Campaign officials argue with the press about from where journalists can take pictures during the event. The gathering crowd cheers as the results of the Illinois and Michigan primaries are posted on the stage.

08:55Copy video clip URL The Clintons are introduced by Senator Joe Lieberman on the stage. Bill Clinton delivers his victory speech to the cheering crowd. Afterwards, Bill and Hillary stay on stage and celebrate amidst a storm of confetti and cheering. They eventually make their way out into the crowd to shake hands and interact with the audience.

27:47Copy video clip URL Clinton makes his way backstage to take part in a few interviews via satellite. Clinton’s aides help adjust his makeup, shirts, and neckties before each interview. Clinton fidgets with his microphone cord. The first interview is with Andy Shaw, though the din of the crowd around Blumberg renders it inaudible.

32:52Copy video clip URL Videomaker Skip Blumberg interviews a young Clinton campaign employee about why he wants Clinton in office.

37:30Copy video clip URL Clinton’s handlers continue to fawn over him, adjusting his shirts and changing his neckties for different satellite interviews. Blumberg also speaks with a few campaign officials.

43:20Copy video clip URL Clinton ties his tie.

50:08Copy video clip URL Clinton holds up a The 90’s t-shirt, and does a promo for the show while eating a banana. (This clip is a reverse angle of Eddie Becker’s footage of the same moment, as only Clinton’s back is visible here). Clinton speaks with The 90’s crew. Blumberg also interviews a few other people in attendance.

53:11Copy video clip URL Clinton discusses scripture with Gwen Ifill of the New York Times. Clinton speaks about the Apostle Paul — “He was a sexist, but he sure could write” — and then continues to chat with the media.

01:01:02Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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