[The 90’s election Specials Raw: Clinton victory party #3]

Raw tape for The 90's election specials. Clinton victory party at the Palmer House Hilton.

0:00Copy video clip URL Shot of a giant room with confetti streaming and loud music obscuring conversation. The camera mostly stays close to David Wilhelm, but doesn’t really pick up his conversation. Rahm Emanuel briefly walks over to Wilhelm and hugs him, then leaves. Bill Clinton quickly walks through the room and shakes some hands. The image of the crowd and the confetti is beautiful, but there is not really any useful sound. 

5:30Copy video clip URL Exit to the (quieter) lobby, where a button vendor is interviewed, then a journalist from Chicago Magazine. David Wilhelm is interviewed by reporters.

14:15Copy video clip URL New room. David Wilhelm is interviewed by reporters.

22:40Copy video clip URL Clinton sits in front of a camera and is fawned over by people fixing his hair and clothes. He sits and does several interviews, changing ties between each one.

39:20Copy video clip URL Clinton shoves a banana in his mouth, then agrees to do a promo for The 90’s. He is instructed to hold up a t-shirt and say, “See you in the 90’s!,” but mistakenly says, “This is the logo, see you in the 90’s!” “Let’s close the book on the 80’s.”



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