[The 90’s Election Specials raw: Clinton victory party]

Raw tape for The 90's election specials. Eddie Becker and Tom Weinberg follow the Clinton campaign on the day of the Illinois primary.

0:00Copy video clip URL In a large hotel lobby, videomaker Tom Weinberg speaks with Clinton advance man, Tom Hart, who is supervising the setup of the victory party. Hart describes what will happen during the event. The camera operator continues to gather b-roll in and around the lobby.

3:30Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of Weinberg with Director of the Clinton Campaign Finance Committee Rahm Emanuel at a desk in his hotel room. The two joke with each other before Emanuel takes a call. This lasts for several minutes.

7:00Copy video clip URL Emanuel goes to the main campaign room to deal with another phone call. This room is so loud that it’s hard to hear anything above the ambient noise. He paces nervously as he deals with the call.

8:40Copy video clip URL We then follow Emanuel as he goes back to his office for more phone calls. Seemingly drained from a hard day’s work, Emanuel makes more calls as Weinberg tries to interview him. After Emanuel takes a break from making calls, the two talk about fundraising efforts in the campaign and Emanuel’s biography.

17:15Copy video clip URL Weinberg is then greeted by James Carville. Dressed in casual attire, Carville talks about the expected results of the Illinois Primary and why Clinton did so well in the state. When talking about his own work in the campaign, Carville says, “The line between creativity and insanity is blurred from time to time and I think I try to–people will tell you I probably stay in that blurred line a good bit.” They also talk about some of the strategic practices in the campaign. This lasts for several minutes.

28:48Copy video clip URL Carville talks about his disinterest in working in the Clinton administration if Clinton becomes President. Carville makes some humorous comments before he and Weinberg end the interview.

30:06Copy video clip URL Emanuel continues to make a number of calls.

32:20Copy video clip URL Cut to a shot of David Wilhelm, Clinton’s campaign manager, answering phones. This lasts for several minutes before he briefly talks about how the polls are shaping up for the day. He also compares Clinton and Tsongas’ visits to urban high schools, claiming that Clinton connected with the people about issues that mattered to them, while Tsongas talked about dry subjects such as tax reform. This lasts for the remainder of the video.

01:03:15Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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