[The 90’s Election Specials raw: Clinton/Gore in West Virginia]

Raw footage for The 90's election specials. The Bill Clinton/Al Gore campaign in Wheeling, West Virginia.

00:00Copy video clip URL Color bars with location audio.

00:32Copy video clip URL Footage of crowd awaiting Clinton’s arrival; newswoman describes the scene.

01:50Copy video clip URL Hillary and Bill get off their bus and enter the church.

03:20Copy video clip URL Footage of crowd.

04:37Copy video clip URL Governor Gaston Caperton says the campaign is going very well and that Clinton’s message has been well received.

06:30Copy video clip URL Senator Al Gore speaks about the campaign and their expectations for the election. He says the election is more than politics, calling it a crusade on behalf of the American people. He greets some supporters and press.

08:45Copy video clip URL Gore, Governor Caperton, and Senator Jay Rockefeller arrive at the Bridge Street School for a town meeting.

10:28Copy video clip URL Gore gets off the bus and waves to the crowd.

11:44Copy video clip URL Gore is introduced and takes the stage. “You Can Call Me Al” by Paul Simon is playing and Gore has a laugh. He speaks on the strengths of the campaign’s political supporters.

14:40Copy video clip URL Gore concludes, rallying the crowd to fully throw their hearts into the campaign.

15:57Copy video clip URL Clinton comes out of the church. Hillary greets supporters and says the response was positive. Bill says that the key to defeating President George H.W. Bush is getting voters to make their decision based on their hopes and not their fears. He holds and kisses a baby.

18:58Copy video clip URL Clinton greets another crowd. There are various signs concerning abortion. A man urges Clinton to help steel workers and Clinton responds that the entire manufacturing base of the United States needs to be rebuilt.

22:25Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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