[The 90’s Election Specials raw: Clintons at Church of God in Christ, St. Patrick’s Day parade]

Raw tape for The 90's election specials. Bill and Hillary Clinton go to the St. Paul Church of God in Christ at 45th and Wabash (across from the Robert Taylor Homes) on the South Side of Chicago. Bishop Louis H. Ford (1914-1995), a personal friend of the Clinton family and the man for whom the Bishop Ford freeway is named, preaches. Much gospel music.

0:00Copy video clip URL Open on a shot of the Robert Taylor Homes and a street sign for 45th place. Pan to exterior of Church of God in Christ.

17:10Copy video clip URL Hillary gives a speech to the congregation and even gets some “Amens” in response. She gives a captivating speech about how racism has been dividing the country and deepening social iniquities. “We need to make two great commitments: the first commitment, that we will be divided no more, that we will reach across those divides and once again create one nation under God to do his bidding and solve our problems. And that we will then, with that new resolve, go out into our communities and do what we can do.”

27:44Copy video clip URL Bill gives a charming speech. “You have to believe that we can do better!” Afterward, Becker goes outside to interview churchgoers about the Clintons’ appearance. All in all, people were very impressed by the visit and overall seem to support Bill because of Hillary. No one seems upset about the allegations that Gov. Clinton had an affair – “Well, we all have our faults. I have my faults, he has his faults.”

44:10Copy video clip URL Footage of a St. Patrick’s Day parade on the South Side of Chicago with Paul Tsongas and family, then Bill and Hillary Clinton. The press frantically mobs around Clinton.

55:25Copy video clip URL David Wilhelm jokes with Becker about his secret plan.

59:21Copy video clip URL Tape ends



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