[The 90’s Election Specials raw: Democratic Presidential debate]

Raw footage for The 90's election specials. Videomaker Skip Blumberg attends the Democratic Primary Debate between Bill Clinton, Paul Tsongas, and Jerry Brown in Chicago. From inside of the press room, Blumberg watches the debate and speaks with various members of the press about the event and the upcoming primary. Blumberg also takes part in a Q & A portion with Jerry Brown after the debate.

00:00Copy video clip URL This tape begins with footage shot off of the television.

00:37Copy video clip URL Outside of the CBS Studios in Chicago, a line of people wait to get into the debate. A reporter from CBS Channel 2 News shoots a piece for a newscast. Blumberg receives his credentials and enters the studio. Blumberg speaks with a group of videomakers also working for The 90’s, including Eddie Becker and Bill Stamets. Blumberg, Becker, and another friend joke with each other before the debate.

09:55Copy video clip URL Blumberg speaks with a member of the press about the debate. The man talks about having seen Bill Clinton “sizing up his chair” in the studio. The two make small talk before the debate begins. The reporter talks about an interview with Paul Tsongas during which Tsongas stated that he would not be Bill Clinton’s running mate. The two talk about the differences between Tsongas and Clinton. Blumberg makes his way to his seat in the press room.

17:36Copy video clip URL Blumberg speaks with a CBS Channel 2 employee about the history of the studio, where the Nixon/Kennedy debates also took place. One CBS employee states, “If you heard it on the radio, you thought Nixon won. If you saw it on television, you thought Kennedy won.” One of the other employees replies, “That’s the first time TV became that important wasn’t it?” Blumberg continues to speak with the CBS employees before the debate.

22:05Copy video clip URL The debate begins. Blumberg gets a shot of the television screen as the events unfold. There is footage from the Nixon/Kennedy debate followed by a short profile of each Democratic candidate. At one point, one of the press members yells out, “I thought Saturday Night Live was tomorrow.” Blumberg watches the reporters at work as the debate goes on.

32:27Copy video clip URL Cut to footage from after the debate. Blumberg asks various members of the press who they believe won the debate.

35:16Copy video clip URL Blumberg and the group of reporters begin to make their way into a question and answer session in the television studio. Officials try to organize the chaos in the room. Blumberg records footage of TV newsman Bill Kurtis having a conversation with a former coworker.

38:09Copy video clip URL Candidate Jerry Brown takes a few questions from the press. He first remarks on a question from the bureau chief from American Atheist Press about whether he cares for the amount of atheist lives lost in the Gulf War. Brown states that he’s concerned about everyone. Brown answers more questions, commenting on the importance of the presidential debates: “These are affecting people who are voting in primaries so they’re very important, and if I become president, these are going to become the rule rather than the exception.” Brown then answers a question about labor laws and his ties to special interests.

45:16Copy video clip URL Blumberg asks Brown how much longer he thinks he can continue in third place. Brown quickly responds by saying that he’ll continue to be in third for the next two days and after that primary election, he’ll be in second or first. He then continues to answer questions.

47:00Copy video clip URL After the press conference, Blumberg tries to ask Brown a question but has a lot of trouble being heard over the barrage of press. Blumberg remains persistent, however, and eventually gets to ask Brown about his stamina and preparation in handling the campaign. Brown’s answers aren’t very descriptive as he seems to be in a hurry. As Brown makes his way out of the CBS 2 television studio, Blumberg speaks with a Brown supporter about her reasons for supporting him in the primaries. “It sounded like he believed what he said… Sometimes it almost matters that he believes, more that he believes what he says.” Blumberg then records an interview with one of Bill Clinton’s media consultants. He talks about some of the attacks the Clinton campaign has expected. Blumberg goes on to ask the consultant if he’s worried about Republicans who may be voting for Paul Tsongas. The consultant states that he isn’t too worried about that issue.

57:00Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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