[The 90’s Election Specials raw: Dick Simpson commercial]

Raw tape for the 90's election specials. This tape covers the filming of a Dick Simpson for Congress commercial. Simpson was running against Dan Rostenkowski in the 5th congressional district. The commercial involves a full studio audience of cheering supporters and some live music.

00:00Copy video clip URL Black.

00:36Copy video clip URL Tape opens in a theater where a stage is being set up.

01:13Copy video clip URL Cuts to a man playing acoustic guitar, and then back to the stage where the director, Brian Boyer, tells the studio audience what to do. The warmup performer instructs people where to sit. They pass out Simpson buttons, and the people filming make sure that all the visible seats are filled.

09:20Copy video clip URL The tape cuts, and a band plays “Small World,” and they rearrange people more, and then yell “Dick Simpson for Congress!” for the camera. Boyer has them move their arms and legs. They then shout “Simpson! Simpson! Simpson!” and do several takes.

19:51Copy video clip URL Dick Simpson comes onstage to a standing ovation, and they prepare for shots. Simpson gets his makeup done.

25:51Copy video clip URL Footage of Simpson standing and reaching upwards with the crowd clapping and chanting behind him.

30:39Copy video clip URL Another shot with the crowd chanting and Simpson saying, “I’m Dick Simpson, I will cut military spending and provide new jobs.”

34:50Copy video clip URL A third clip, calling another politician out of touch.

40:36Copy video clip URL Live guitarist performs.

42:00Copy video clip URL Back to the commercial filming, the warm up performer keeps the audience amused by singing and playing a harmonica.

44:30Copy video clip URL The camera used for filming moves from backstage as they continue to film, and do the last takes.

52:52Copy video clip URL Brief shot of Bob Hercules. Very brief interview with Dick Simpson, who says he finds filming commercials “very strenuous.”

53:16Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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