[The 90’s Election Specials raw: DNC 1]

Raw footage shot for The 90's election specials. This tape features footage of the American Samoan delegation arriving in New York for the Democratic National Convention plus footage of the festivities inside and outside Madison Square Garden.

00:00Copy video clip URL Footage from the Upper East Side townhouse where the delegations from Guam and American Samoa will be hosted. Chris Cerf makes phone calls. Audio levels are very low while he is on the phone.

14:00Copy video clip URL Footage from around New York and the airport. At the airport, Cerf explains how his official job is to welcome the delegates to the city and accommodate them. He laughingly says that he and Henry Beard have been working on hosting the Guamanian and Samoan delegations because they may someday have a final, deadlock-breaking vote. Furthermore, he says that considering widespread discontent with Washington insiders, it is ideal to have delegates from as far away as possible.

24:40Copy video clip URL Delegates Daniel and Sister Langkilde arrive. Daniel explains that most Samoans are U.S. nationals and cannot vote in the actual election. Sister Langkilde explains that her full name means “7 little sisters.”

30:20Copy video clip URL Outside of Newark Airport, Daniel explains the difference between U.S. nationals and citizens. He says that American Samoa rejected the possibility of citizenship in favor of their “chief-oriented” system. In the limousine, they say that they want to do some sightseeing, specifically the Statue of Liberty. They talk about the excitement of the convention and their life back in American Samoa.

40:** Video cuts out intermittently.

51:30Copy video clip URL They arrive at the Best Western hotel. Daniel does an interview with someone else for PBS and is welcomed by a representative.

1:09:00Copy video clip URL Footage from Madison Square Garden.

1:12:55Copy video clip URL Cerf runs through a test vote at the podium. A chorus performs “America the Beautiful.”

1:19:45Copy video clip URL Videomaker Skip Blumberg runs through a test vote.

1:27:00Copy video clip URL Footage of topless girls promoting a strip club. They say that New York has just passed a law making it legal. A group demonstrating for “abortion rights for young and poor” passes. A publicist for the strip club says that they had been gearing towards the Convention for a long time.

1:37:50Copy video clip URL A woman promoting a walk against violence towards women calls the display by the strippers “kind of sad, really.”

1:44:40Copy video clip URL Blumberg speaks with reporters, cameramen, and onlookers. People from the ACLU plan a demonstration and complain about the disallowing of a demonstration on 7th avenue. A Washington Post reporter tells Blumberg about the sparsity of stories and the saturation of journalists. She says that she was not bothered about the promotion of the topless dancers.

1:52:31Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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