[The 90’s election specials raw: DNC #2]

Raw footage shot for The 90's election specials. This tape features footage of the Democratic National Convention, focusing mainly on the American Samoan and Guam delegations and the dispute between Clinton and Brown delegates.

00:00Copy video clip URL Video test.

02:04Copy video clip URL The Samoan whip says that back home, “it’s do as the chief does or have a good reason.” Daniel Langkilde discusses the system of chiefdom. He says that it is not like a democratic convention but that the head chief has the final word. He says that the chief will usually rule along with the consensus and that sometimes the chiefdom system would work where the democratic process falters.

05:23Copy video clip URL A woman speaks on an MTA bus arguing that while it is good to have diverse crowds at the parade, everyone should be behind Clinton because he is the only chance they have. Outside Madison Square Garden, crowds line the delegates’ path handing out pamphlets and holding signs. Inside, the Samoan delegation attempts to make its way through the crowds, confusion, and security. One of the delegates gets her bag switched with another coming through security.

08:01Copy video clip URL Daniel Langkilde surveys the podium. The national anthem is sung and the Pledge of Allegiance is recited. Various staffers give Langkilde instructions.

10:01Copy video clip URL Brown delegates from California lament their treatment and the actions of the Clinton staff. They say that Clinton people came and reserved all the front seats. A man says that the call for unity is important but the respect for individuals’ views is primary. They begin to chant “Let Jerry Speak!” Clinton staff tries to plan against the Brown demonstrators.

14:35Copy video clip URL Sister Langkilde calls Brown supporters crazy. Eni Faleomavaega, the Samoan congressman, says that Brown is a poor loser who already had his fair chance at the nomination.

15:14Copy video clip URL A reporter announces that the unity of the convention was quickly broken by Brown supporters from California. A Clinton staffer says that the seating arrangement for California was agreed upon by the two groups but disregarded by the Brown supporters.

16:53Copy video clip URL Brown supporters chant and argue fervently for their view. The Clinton staff agree to rearrange the seating, splitting it into left and right halves. The delegates slowly and chaotically change seats.

20:28Copy video clip URL Two friends, one for Clinton and one for Brown, attempt to sit together. Two elderly women arraign the delegation whip for not organizing or allowing their assistance.

22:26Copy video clip URL A speaker says that the Brown supporters in his delegation are very committed and that while he was speaking he saw 1 in 4 people paying attention. A Brown delegate from Orange County reiterates the reasons to have Brown speak. He says that he will eventually support Bill Clinton but hopes that Clinton will adopt some of Brown’s proposals. He says that the floor demonstrations are spontaneous. A Brown staffer tells supporters that they should remain quiet for the minority report but become vocal if it doesn’t go their way.

26:14Copy video clip URL A young man hurries through the crowd passing out piles of Clinton signs.

29:39Copy video clip URL Two Brown delegates and a self-described uncommitted delegate have a heated argument. The man says he wants the right to hear the all the speeches without interference from Brown demonstrators. They insist that they’re being shut out of the convention by the political machinery.

33:15Copy video clip URL A woman chants “Let Jerry sleep!” Arguing continues on the floor. A young man from New Mexico says that the Clinton delegates agree that Brown should speak; only the DNC head officials do not. Whips for the Brown supporters tell the delegates to settle down until Ron Brown speaks and then “give ’em hell.”

40:30Copy video clip URL Clinton and Brown supporters side by side shout competing chants.

45:00Copy video clip URL A citizen from Washington says that the energy is incredible and that while the convention may be forgotten in 10 years it’s still a part of history. A woman describes being pushed by a male Clinton supporter. Videomaker Skip Blumberg talks to a man holding a Clinton sign who says he’s not even for Clinton but that the signs were simply being passed out. More discuss the conflict. A man says that while Brown will most likely speak, he is drawing out the drama to keep the focus on himself.

51:45Copy video clip URL Blumberg talks to Brown in his van. Brown says that the heated demonstrations are understandable given the zest of the campaign. He denies being a sore loser saying that he simply wants to stand by his platform and deliver his message.

54:00Copy video clip URL Final footage is of the Samoans dining. A man hands out pins and a delegate explains why they bother voting in the convention even though they do not vote for president.

55:04Copy video clip URL Video test.

1:02:27Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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