[The 90’s Election Specials raw: DNC 4]

Raw footage shot for The 90's election specials. This tape features footage of a welcoming party for the American Samoan and Guam delegations to the Democratic National Convention.

00:00Copy video clip URL Footage from outside Christopher Cerf’s where they await the Samoan and Guamanian delegations. Several officials outside are reticent with the confidential details of the welcoming party. A neighbor walks his Newfoundland. Other neighbors chat.

09:18Copy video clip URL Cerf’s assistant says that the delegates got lost in Harlem. The Irresistible Sisters, a percussion group, arrive. Sidewalk passersby comment on the convention. A man speaks against the lack of women’s choice in Guam. Guests arrive slowly.

25:48Copy video clip URL Another film crew sets up and rehearses an opening shot.

32:08Copy video clip URL The delegates’ bus arrives.

41:14Copy video clip URL Videomaker Skip Blumberg speaks to guests from Africa who have come to observe the convention.

50:08Copy video clip URL A representative from NY92 gives the group of delegates a rough outline of the coming days. He presents to them the possibility of dancing at Lincoln Center. The delegates get back on their bus. The bus departs.

57:57Copy video clip URL Al Franken is part of a group talking outside the party.

58:01Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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