[The 90’s Election Specials raw: DNC 5]

Raw footage shot for The 90's election specials. This tape features footage of a welcoming party for the American Samoan and Guam delegations to the Democratic National Convention; footage of the delegates being briefed by the Clinton campaign, including James Carville; and the opening of the DNC at Madison Square Garden.

00:00Copy video clip URL More footage from Chris Cerf’s party for the Guamanian and American Samoan delegations.

03:45Copy video clip URL Cerf announces that they need to find the Commissioner of Mental Health, Dr. Luis Marcos. The commissioner reads a humorous welcoming letter from Mayor David Dinkins. The letter temporarily renames Gramercy Park and Madison Avenue as “Guamercy Park” and “Madisamoan Av.”

15:11Copy video clip URL Daniel and Sister Langkilde speak with guests and reporters. They say that they have no agenda coming to the convention other than electing a good president. They speak about their connection to Western Samoa and what the party would like like were it held in their home country. Daniel speaks on which American politicians are popular in Samoa.

26:50Copy video clip URL Roger Blissett(?), a representative from NY’92, tells the group of delegates what the events of the night are. Some of them choose to go dancing at Lincoln Center. The bus departs. Al Franken stands outside of Cerf’s house.

33:00Copy video clip URL A man from City Harvest explains how the organization takes leftover food to hungry and homeless.

39:15Copy video clip URL Videomaker Skip Blumberg speaks with the caterers and staff of the party who laugh with each other and Blumberg.

44:00Copy video clip URL The next morning, the Samoans ready themselves at the hotel.

54:55Copy video clip URL Clara, from the Samoan delegation, speaks on Samoan culture and politics. She says that the women’s movement is growing but that they have not seen a strong female politician.

58:00Copy video clip URL Whips and staffers address Clinton delegates. A woman shows the signs they have for healthcare and gives instructions on voting. John Kroger briefs delegates on the content and coordination of their platform. He speaks on the importance of showing unity behind Clinton’s economic platform and voting down that of Tsongas. A man talks about the need to show up early.

1:05:55Copy video clip URL James Carville addresses the whips. He tells a joke about Republicans. He speaks on the determination of Bill and Hillary Clinton. He says that the way they run the convention is very important and that the individual delegates have more influence than they may realize. He says “This year more than ever we really are about changing things for the better.”

1:12:30Copy video clip URL The whips and Clinton staffers mingle and prepare for the convention.

1:17:00Copy video clip URL John Hart speaks to whips. A whip in a wheelchair says that he has encountered frustrating difficulties in securing credentials for an aide.

1:19:00Copy video clip URL Tony Rodham talks to Blumberg. He talks about the long trail of supporting Clinton and his role as a clusterwhip at the convention. He says that the Brown delegates have a right to speak their mind but the vision coming out of the convention must be one of unity.

1:24:50Copy video clip URL Samoan delegate says that their delegation is solidly committed to Clinton and that the campaign should be a positive one. They go over a schedule with a Clinton staffer (Glenn Rushing?).

1:32:00Copy video clip URL The Samoans ride the bus. A woman says that the diversity and conflict can be the greatest attribute of the Democratic Party, but that everyone should support Bill Clinton, whom she describes as the only candidate with a chance to win the White House.

The delegates arrive at Madison Square Garden. Crowds line their path holding signs and handing out pamphlets. There is support for the minority flank. Footage from inside the Garden where the Samoans navigate crowds and confusion.

1:42:15Copy video clip URL They come through security and Clara gets her bag mixed up. Various Clinton staffers check in with them intermittently.

1:45:30Copy video clip URL They make it out to the floor of the convention. The delegates make their way around. Early speeches are given.

1:50:14Copy video clip URL A soldier leads the Pledge of Allegiance. Marilyn Horn sings the national anthem.

1:58:40Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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