[The 90’s Election Specials raw: DNC 6]

Raw footage shot for The 90's election specials. This tape features footage of the Democratic National Convention at Madison Square Garden, focusing mainly on the Clinton delegates from Guam and American Samoa and a dispute between Clinton and Brown delegates.

00:00Copy video clip URL In Madison Square Garden, Brown supporters complain about the actions of the Clinton staff and the treatment of the DNC. They explain that in California, the largest Brown delegation has been pushed to the back of their section by the Clinton staff. A woman explains that the Clinton people put names on the seats the night before.

05:00Copy video clip URL A Samoan delegate tells a clusterwhip that the delegations should be organized in alphabetical order, moving them closer to the front. Brown supporters chant “Let Jerry speak!” A Clinton staffer makes a call to give an update on the situation.

08:50Copy video clip URL The Samoan delegates call the Brown supporters interruptive and crazy. Congressman Eni Faleomavaega says that Brown is being unfair and a poor loser. He says that Brown should concede. A newsman reports that the unity of the convention was quickly broken. A Clinton staffer says the seating was agreed upon and that the Brown supporters are disorganized.

13:25Copy video clip URL A young woman exclaims passionately that they are speaking their opinion freely rather than being disruptive. A Clinton supporter shouts back “Don’t mess with Bill!” They begin to arrange a new seating set-up.

22:40Copy video clip URL Two elderly women complain about the crowds and the lack of assistance.

25:28Copy video clip URL Dave Barry interviews Eni Faleomavaega, asking him “Where is American Samoa?” Orange County native Bill Honigman describes how upset they are about the treatment of Brown. He says that coming out of the convention, however, he will support Bill Clinton. He hopes that Clinton will adopt aspects of Brown’s platform. A Brown staffer instructs that his supporters should stay quiet until the minority report is voted on. If it goes against them, she says, they will demonstrate.

35:00Copy video clip URL A staffer hurriedly passes out armfuls of Clinton signs.

43:20Copy video clip URL Brown demonstrators argue with an uncommitted delegate concerning their disruptions.

55:38Copy video clip URL A delegate from New Mexico says that the Clinton supporters in his delegation want Brown to speak but that he is being prevented from doing so by higher ups running the convention. Sister Langkilde says her favorite part of the convention was the speech by Mayor David Dinkins.

58:00Copy video clip URL Brown staffers attempt to quiet and calm the demonstrators. They plan to remain quiet until a vote is taken regarding the minority plank. If it goes against them, they plan to “give ’em hell.” Honigman maintains that the demonstrations are spontaneous rather than coordinated.

1:02:02Copy video clip URL A woman calls the entire convention bullshit and, structurally, a sham. The crowd’s cheering crescendos.

1:05:24Copy video clip URL Reggie Johnson, a young boy from South Carolina, receives praise congratulations for a performance.

1:09:29Copy video clip URL Brown supporters demonstrate noisily and Clinton supporters attempt to counter them. They ring bells, blow whistles, and chant “Let Jerry speak!”

1:12:43Copy video clip URL In particularly close quarters, Brown and Clinton supporters compete shouting chants.

1:16:47Copy video clip URL Videomaker Skip Blumberg talks to a man dressed as the Grim Reaper with “Clinton’s Legacy” written on the back of his costume. Blumberg asks him if it isn’t a bit heavy and he replies that it is made of light cotton.

1:18:00Copy video clip URL The crowd chants “No second term!” A man calls the convention one of the most moving experiences of his life. He says that while the convention may not be thought of in ten years, it will remain a part of history.

1:23:00Copy video clip URL Brown supporters say that their candidate is coming to the floor. A woman complains of being pushed and elbowed by a “Clinton man.” Man denies any such happenings.

1:29:00Copy video clip URL Dan Rathers and crew attempt a short news clip without signs and demonstrations in the background.



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