[The 90’s election specials raw: DNC #6]

Off-air television footage of the 1992 Democratic National Convention from CBS. Chris Cerf and Henry Beard speak to a reporter about political correctness. Clinton has already cinched the nomination but finishing votes are still being cast. A request is made to nominate Clinton by acclamation and it passes. Television footage alternates between a Yankees-Mariners game and The Unbelievable Truth.

00:00Copy video clip URL Televised commercials for Maxwell House, Holiday Inn, Senokot, and Dentu-Creme.

01:48Copy video clip URL Bill Geist gives advice to reporters covering politics. On political correctness, he says that politicians are not crooks, but ethically challenged. They speak with Christopher Cerf and Henry Beard, authors of a comedic guidebook on political correctness. They call Perot “follicularly challenged” and say that Dan Quayle has “temporarily unmet spelling needs.”

06:05Copy video clip URL Brief footage from a Mariners-Yankee game.

06:28Copy video clip URL The Wyoming vote is cast: 1 vote for Jerry Brown and 18 votes for Clinton. American Samoa casts 5 votes for Clinton. Democrats abroad give Clinton 9 votes. The delegation from Guam casts 4 votes for Clinton after their spokesperson makes their case for achieving commonwealth.

11:05Copy video clip URL The U.S. Virgin Islands casts 5 votes for Clinton. Alabama, having yielded to Arkansas, casts all 67 votes for Clinton. Louisiana, boasting of its beauty and diversity, casts all 75 votes for Clinton. Pennsylvania clears up its vote after one vote was omitted.

15:35Copy video clip URL Arkansas moves to suspend the rules and nominate Clinton by acclamation. The motion passes. A choir performs afterwards.

18:00Copy video clip URL More footage from the baseball game. Footage from Hal Hartley’s The Unbelievable Truth alternates for the remainder of the tape.

27:04Copy video clip URL Commercial clip for Clorox.

28:16Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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