[The 90’s Election Specials raw: DNC Monday #2]

Raw footage for The 90's election specials. 1992 Democratic National Convention, Monday #2 in New York. Footage from the first night of the convention. John Hart and the Governor Bill Clinton staff work frantically to outmaneuver the Jerry Brown demonstrators.

00:00Copy video clip URL Hart repeats that Brown will be speaking on Wednesday. He is informed that there will be a Brown demonstration when the roll call reaches Nevada and instructs staffers to pass the message on to the state whips. The staff continues to hammer out logistics and communication at Madison Square Garden.

05:26Copy video clip URL Hart says that giving Brown a slot to give a speech is a cute little ploy to quiet his supporters. They stress that the issue is not whether Brown will speak but whether he will speak during prime time. Hart directs visibility supporters, often countering Brown supporters and syncing with news cameras.

18:10Copy video clip URL Staffers mention a consensus with Senator Paul Tsongas and his supporters.

21:47Copy video clip URL Hart has those on the phones tell the supporters on the floor to “pump up the volume” at the end of speeches.

36:29Copy video clip URL Hart plans a “daring Florida counteroffensive.”

47:10Copy video clip URL Videomaker Scott Jacobs and Hart go out on the floor. Jacobs is prevented from staying with Hart but audio continues as Hart and another staffer discuss the failure to maintain seat charts. An older woman speaks about the continuity she felt holding her firstborn grandchild and the need to consider the coming generations in current decisions.

53:30Copy video clip URL More footage of the crowd and musical performances.

55:53Copy video clip URL Footage from back by the trailer.

58:49Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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