[The 90’s Election Specials raw: DNC Tuesday #1]

Raw footage for The 90's election specials. 1992 Democratic National Convention, Tuesday #1. On the second day of the convention, Governor Bill Clinton staffers recap and plan. Outside of Madison Square Garden there is a rally concerning AIDS. Jerry Brown supporters and Clinton supporters remain confrontational. Hugh Rodham, brother of Hillary Clinton, speaks to videomaker Scott Jacobs.

00:00Copy video clip URL Footage of young Clinton staffers. Audio levels are very low.

01:55Copy video clip URL John Hart speaks to the whips. He jokes about seeing a man with brass knuckles in his luggage. He coaches the staff to focus on the positive aspects of the convention and in upcoming votes for platform positions. He gives the official position about when Brown will speak as being “anyone who’s not ready to endorse, is not ready for prime time.” The whips discuss logistics and strategy.

14:54Copy video clip URL Staff member explains how the Clinton supporters are to block Brown’s visibility but maintain amicable interactions with Senator Paul Tsongas supporters, saying that Tsongas “fought the good fight.” Whips discuss how to avoid confrontations.

20:44Copy video clip URL Woman comments to the camera that she is excited for the pro-choice rally on the floor that night. A man dressed as a large chicken and a woman dressed like Marilyn Monroe look for money. At a rally, a Puerto Rican man and New York local gives a speech on AIDS. He says he is a product of New York’s dead-end neighborhoods and condemns the failure of government to attend to AIDS.

26:15Copy video clip URL Footage from the convention floor. Brown supporters continue their demonstration.

31:48Copy video clip URL A man holds Clinton signs in front of Brown supporters by the California delegation. He says that he is from New York and videomaker Scott Jacobs tells him that he is in the wrong place. He responds, “No, I’m in the right place. They’re in the wrong place.”

40:35Copy video clip URL Footage of the room where Clinton signs are prepared and stored. There are many garbage bags filled with signs. Audio levels are very low.

43:16Copy video clip URL A group of Brown supporters hold signs that say “NOT!” and chant “No” while Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi speaks. Others respond chanting “Yes!”

50:59Copy video clip URL Jacobs speaks with the National Labor Coordinator for the Clinton campaign, Chuck Richards. He explains that he’s also doing whip work with his constituency throughout the states. He says no state is troublesome and maintains when pressed that everything is terrific.

56:14Copy video clip URL Hugh Rodham, on the floor, speaks with the camera. He says that Hillary will be the most popular First Lady ever and extols her capacity for helping people. He speaks on his role as a clusterwhip and explains how they’re trying to get uncommitted delegates to come out of the convention enthusiastically “like a ball of fire.”

58:56Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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