[The 90’s Election Specials raw: DNC Tuesday]

Raw footage for The 90's election specials. This tape focuses on the 1992 Democratic National Convention at Madison Square Garden. The majority of the tape features footage of the American Samoan delegation sightseeing around New York. At the end of the tape, "the only drag queen presidential candidate" Joan Jett Black gives a few statements.

00:00Copy video clip URL American Samoan delegate Daniel Langkilde is interviewed by CNN. The interview takes much longer to set up than it lasts. They focus on the distance his delegation traveled. The crowd slowly grows noisier and more excited.

16:27Copy video clip URL Woman holding a baby is among a crowd with “Pro-Clinton, Pro-Choice” signs chanting “Bush get out.”

18:20Copy video clip URL Aretha Franklin performs the Star-Spangled Banner. Her ending is quite emotional and the crowd responds enthusiastically.

25:27Copy video clip URL Footage from a restaurant where a guitarist performs. Sister Langkilde and a friend walk around New York. She says that she hates the convention. Most of the delegation takes the subway. A street performer sings and plays guitar. They take the train to City Hall. They see the statue of Nathan Hale.

40:00Copy video clip URL They see the Statue of Liberty from a distance. They get hot dogs and watch talented street gymnasts the Calypso Tumblers.

46:50Copy video clip URL The group takes a boat to Ellis Island. They are told that it is an hour and a half to get to the crown where it is 105 degrees. On the stairs they talk about the history of the statue. A history teacher calls it ironic that the United States’ policy on immigration became restrictive around the same time that the statue arrived.

1:20:00Copy video clip URL Their boat returns to Manhattan. The Calypso Tumblers are still performing. Two of the group get their portraits drawn.

1:35:27Copy video clip URL Footage from the Best Western Hotel where the delegation is staying, outside Madison Square Garden, and inside the convention. Daniel Langkilde says he has prepared the delegation’s statement. Videomaker Skip Blumberg speaks to a Congressional whip from California.

1:49:00Copy video clip URL Joan Jett Blakk, “the only drag queen presidential candidate,” speaks with reporters. Blakk says the military has to go, that she’s wearing her platforms, and that Clinton is not “man enough” to debate her. Mario Cuomo delivers his nominating speech. Blakk mingles with the crowd and garners visibility.



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