[The 90’s Election Specials raw: DNC with John Hart]

Footage for The 90's election specials. This piece on the Democratic National Convention focuses primarily on the Governor Bill Clinton campaign and how the candidate's image is controlled behind-the-scenes.

00:00Copy video clip URL Black screen.

00:15Copy video clip URL Slate.

00:21Copy video clip URL John Hart, the Clinton convention manager, describes the running of the convention. He says that while he is organizing Clinton supporters in the convention, this is the first he has attended.

01:05Copy video clip URL Assistant informs the manager that Jerry Brown’s supporters will be blowing whistles and chanting “Let Jerry Speak.”

01:43Copy video clip URL Hart describes the plan for “coming in strong” with signs at the beginning of the keynote address. He informs an assistant that Brown is targeting Michigan. He says, “We need a labor presence up in Michigan.”

02:18Copy video clip URL Footage of Brown supporters. Audience members describe how Clinton campaign people secured all of the front seats.

03:28Copy video clip URL A marching band plays while Brown supporters chant. Brown supporters say that their candidate may be able to speak non-prime time. The Clinton campaign discusses developments while they are covered in the news.

05:36Copy video clip URL As news coverage goes to the section from New Jersey, Hart shouts to get signs to New Jersey. He proposes, “I say we have a daring Florida counter-offensive. Let’s attack on the southern flank. We’re going to send people from Florida over to California.”

06:16Copy video clip URL Supporters of Brown and Clinton compete, shouting chants. Assistant in the Clinton campaign holds two phones as he shouts instructions for signs and blocking out Brown supporters.

07:02Copy video clip URL Footage from CBS offering an ostensible behind-the-scenes look at the Clinton “nerve center.” A reporter speaks with Sky Johnson and talks to a woman at the phones. Hart says he wants everyone cheering at the ends of the CBS video. The news clip is less enlightening than the rest of what we see.

08:42Copy video clip URL Hart gives the plan for chanting, “Read Our Lips, No Second Term” when the words appear during a speech. The phone assistants pass the message on to supporters on the floor. Hart gives instructions to flood the floor with Clinton signs and supporters at an area where Brown is having an interview. There is footage of the “Read Our Lips” chant working.

10:49Copy video clip URL Assistant tells Hart that his people overheard Brown staff saying, “the shit is about to hit the fan.” Hart calls attention to platform and says that they have their flanks protected.

11:39Copy video clip URL Hart speaks with the camera operator. He describes the events of the day and says it was fun. He says he headed down to Little Rock for seven days and stayed for seven months.

12:41Copy video clip URL John addresses volunteers, telling them that the official response to Brown supporters is that “anyone who’s not ready to endorse is not ready for prime time.” Assistants give instructions for blocking Brown’s visibility.

13:50Copy video clip URL Assistant explains to the camera that they are trying to block Brown’s visibility but not that of Senator Paul Tsongas. He says that Tsongas “fought the good fight” and is expected to be very kind toward the Clinton campaign. They do not wish to sour the relationship.

14:22Copy video clip URL Aretha Franklin sings the National Anthem. A coal-miner and single parent says that he is there for his daughter and that the country needs a new president. Another man says that Hillary will be the “most popular First Lady in the history of this country, because she can do something for the people and the children.”

16:08Copy video clip URL Young people trade pins. One woman says that she was offered $100 for her CIA pin.

17:30Copy video clip URL Various individuals make predictions on when the nomination will become inevitable, whether Ohio, Pennsylvania, or Puerto Rico.

18:03Copy video clip URL Brown supporter says that he is not disappointed, but rather expected the torch to be “slipped to the new generation” under the table. He says that matters are no longer decided in smoke-filled backrooms, but now in backrooms that are smoke-free.

18:52Copy video clip URL Man comments in Clinton’s campaign center that keeping track of the numbers of delegates and votes used to be done mentally rather than computers. An audience member mispronounces Tsongas’ name and calls him “a cool guy.”

19:27Copy video clip URL Hectic footage from the Clinton campaign as voting approaches. Hart calls for the speeding up of speeches so that Clinton’s speech will make prime time. Clinton campaigners say they need Louisiana to pass.

21:49Copy video clip URL The Clintons watch the votes come in from Macy’s in New York. Supporter comments that Clinton is crying.

22:26Copy video clip URL Clinton’s campaign excitedly watch as Ohio’s vote is delivered, going for Clinton after a tense moment of anticipation. There is enthusiastic cheering.

24:34Copy video clip URL Clinton campaign manager David Wilhelm celebrates. “Ohio, excellent choice Marcel, Todd.”

25:01Copy video clip URL Clinton gives his speech, opening with a reference to JFK.

25:20Copy video clip URL Hart, at the end of the convention, responds to volunteers’ chant of “Let John Speak.” David Wilhelm says that the group has been through so much and that the day will only be topped on November 3rd when Clinton wins the election.

27:02Copy video clip URL Clinton gives his speech. A woman reads the speech to the camera slightly ahead of him. The speech focuses on creating opportunity for all and asking those who are able to give back.

30:19Copy video clip URL Footage ends.



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