[The 90’s Election Specials raw: First Lady debate & Perot event]

Layoff of raw footage for The 90's Election Specials. This tape features a taping of Beth Lapides' comedy act about the first ladies and a rally for Ross Perot (1930-), including an appearance by his Vice Presidential running mate, Vice Admiral James Stockdale (1923-2005).

00:00Copy video clip URL Black.

00:12Copy video clip URL On the street in Hollywood, videomaker Nancy Cain explains that she is about to see the “First Ladies Debate” at the Coast Playhouse on Santa Monica Boulevard. Cain approaches the Coast Playhouse as she informs the camera that comedian Beth Lapides is hosting.

01:54Copy video clip URL Inside the Coast Playhouse, set-up for the “First Ladies Debate,” which is actually just a comedy act. There are place cards for the wives of the presidential candidates on chairs onstage. Backstage, Beth Lapides, in a pink dress and tall wig, prepares her make-up, and explains that though they have contacted the campaigns to invite them to be a part of the show, all of them have declined.

06:40Copy video clip URL Onstage, a man welcomes the audience against a backdrop of the American flag, and explains that the first lady candidates have declined to be present, and then Beth Lapides arrives and begins the comedy show. “We should de-spouse the White House,” meaning that First Lady should be an elected office. “Let’s pick her, let’s pay her!” Cain prompts the first lady candidate to talk about sex and drugs.  On the subject of her draft record, Lapides says, “I did not serve in Vietnam, but I did see Platoon, so I know war is hell.”

15:40Copy video clip URL The tape cuts, and another camera has taped the same events from a different perspective. In the dressing room, Lapides gets ready again.

19:24Copy video clip URL Lapides onstage again, there is some material not seen on the first version of the tape, such as a scene with a plate.

29:43Copy video clip URL A third recording of various parts of the show.

35:51Copy video clip URL On the streets of Los Angeles, there is a motorcycle rally for Perot. Cain approaches the bikers, one of whom is dressed in a pin-covered vest and top hat, and likes Perot because, by not making any promises at all, he’s not making empty promises.

38:48Copy video clip URL A Perot supporter on a street corner directs people to the rally and is dressed as clown: “I’m here for Perot, cause he’s the man and I’m the clown.” Then, people sell Perot merchandise (pins, t-shirts, American flags), and there is a strange life-size cardboard replica of Perot next to which people take photographs.

41:21Copy video clip URL Cain approaches Perot supporters about to play music at the event. They eagerly talk about why they dislike the other candidates. There is some tape of them playing some light jazz afterward.

46:18Copy video clip URL Vice Admiral James Stockdale (Perot’s running mate) walks across the lawn, stopping to speak to one supporter, and onto a small stage for the Perot event, where pro-Perot speakers address a crowd on a lawn.

52:40Copy video clip URL More tape of the cardboard Perot.

54:10Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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