[The 90’s Election Specials raw: George Grey layoffs]

Raw footage for The 90's election specials. This tape features footage of the Pat Buchanan Illinois campaign and campaign adviser George Grey. In this tape, Buchanan chooses to skip the Chicago St. Patrick's Day parade to campaign in Michigan and then fires Grey.

00:48Copy video clip URL Audio and video test.

02:08Copy video clip URL Footage from Buchanan campaign center in Illinois. Campaign adviser George Grey makes plans for Buchanan’s visit to Rockford and plans for a St. Patrick’s Day parade. He speaks on the low budget they’ve used in Illinois, keeping spending below $3,000-4,000. There are several brief clips of Buchanan.

05:19Copy video clip URL Footage from St. Patrick’s Day parade. Buchanan supporters march without him, as the candidate is not attending. Asked where the candidate is, they say that he’s in Michigan keeping his promise to make several appearances there. A small crowd shouts that they want Buchanan and call him a no-show.

05:55Copy video clip URL Grey says that the parade could have won Buchanan 5-10 percentage points. He expresses his frustration with the “know-it-alls at national” that “really screwed it up this time.”

06:22Copy video clip URL Black screen.

07:08Copy video clip URL Footage repeats.

09:42Copy video clip URL Newscaster speaks on Buchanan choosing to campaign in Michigan rather than Illinois. The numbers show President George H.W. Bush with 76% and Buchanan with 21%.

09:54Copy video clip URL The next day, Grey says he’s now unemployed and hopes somebody will help him. He says he’s worked very hard and calls the situation somewhat bizarre. He says that he received a thankful phone call from the national campaign and it was as if they were saying “Thanks guys! Au revoir, see you in the poor house.”

10:22Copy video clip URL Footage ends.

11:32Copy video clip URL Tape ends.



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