[The 90s Election Specials raw: Gus Savage Rally #1]

Footage for The 90's Election Specials. This tape covers a rally at the Third Baptist Church on Chicago's South Side for incumbent Congressman Gus Savage, and features interviews with incumbent Congressman Charles Hayes as well as the Chairman of the National Black United Front, Conrad Worrill.

00:00Copy video clip URL Black.

00:25Copy video clip URL Singers perform at an event for incumbent Congressman Gus Savage in the large auditorium of the Third Baptist Church. The camera records attendees, who are all quite pensive and quiet, as people onstage sing songs with lyrics such as “Marching for freedom.” The camera turns to the singer at a podium onstage, against a red velvet curtain. As he begins the next song, the crowd stands to clap and sing along. The man eventually introduces the event as the “Truth Rally.”

11:56Copy video clip URL The man leads the crowd in singing, “We Shall Overcome.”

16:58Copy video clip URL The rally is begun with a prayer in both Arabic and English. Then the National Anthem is sung, and another song about freedom.

22:32Copy video clip URL The rally moves on from singing, and another man is introduced. He tells a joke about President George H.W. Bush and the press.

27:29Copy video clip URL Tape cuts to a young man leading “We Shall Overcome” again. Videomaker Andrew Jones records people in the audience holding hands and singing. The man tells more jokes.

31:49Copy video clip URL Congressman Charles Hayes (running for reelection) then steps up to the podium to endorse Gus Savage for Congress and Carol Moseley Braun for Senate. He criticizes members of Congress who are millionaires, and praises Savage as someone who speaks out against injustice.

43:30Copy video clip URL Now backstage, Jones approaches Congressman Charles Hayes for an interview about the importance of black politics in Chicago. Hayes is not willing to make a presidential endorsement as of yet. He criticizes each Democratic candidate in turn, calling Tsongas “pitiful.” He would, however, support Jesse Jackson if he were to run.

50:30Copy video clip URL Interview with the Chairman of the National Black United Front, Dr. Conrad Worrill. He talks about the political climate in Chicago, Bobby Rush’s challenge to Charles Hayes, Israel’s position toward Africa, and the Mel Reynolds’ shooting, which he calls a “set-up.” “Mel Reynolds is actually an enemy of the political empowerment of African Americans.”

55:54Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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