[The 90’s Election Specials raw: Harkin, Buchanan, and Brown in New Hampshire]

Raw footage for The 90's election specials. This tape follows the Senator Tom Harkin (D-IA), Pat Buchanan, and Jerry Brown campaigns in New Hampshire.

00:00Copy video clip URL Supporters prepare to welcome Tom Harkin back to New Hampshire.

00:49Copy video clip URL Interview with campaigner and 10-year friend of Harkin’s. “I don’t accept another four years of George Bush and the only guy on the horizon that can beat him is Tom.” The man was part of the CIA’s operations in Guatemala in the 1960s but has since become anti-CIA.

03:48Copy video clip URL Harkin’s plane arrives.

05:42Copy video clip URL Harkin greets his supporters and shows a newspaper headline “Harkin scores huge victory.” He says “The people who know me best are willing to give me this kind of support… New Hampshire people are a lot like Iowa.”

07:53Copy video clip URL Harkin is introduced and described as the only candidate that would reject trickle-down economics. Harkin speaks on being dependable in hard economic conditions, supporting projects all over America that are unfunded, and the need for a new approach to boosting the economy.

13:10Copy video clip URL Following a question about negative campaigning, Harkin remarks on Bill Clinton’s track record in Arkansas, citing failures in environmental protection, preventing poverty, and children’s conditions.

14:46Copy video clip URL Pat Buchanan is introduced. He speaks to press and supporters on President George H.W. Bush’s failures.

19:04Copy video clip URL Buchanan: “We Americans have got to stop being trade wimps.” “I will put Mr. Yung Chow Ping and Mr. Lee Pong right into chapter 11.” He says he would veto any tax increase.

25:10Copy video clip URL The New Hampshire Nurses’ Association awaits Brown.

25:30Copy video clip URL Interview with a cameraman about covering the campaign. Reporter speaks on the difference between local and national coverage. She speaks on covering the view from disappointed residents on the “outside” of Bush’s campaign in 1988.

33:20Copy video clip URL Jerry Brown arrives and speaks with a representative of the Nurses’ Association. He speaks on a plan for a universal single-payer healthcare system, opening up options and coverage, and reducing expenses from overly complicated billing procedures.

43:00Copy video clip URL Brown arrives to speak to press and supporters.

45:35Copy video clip URL Brown takes the podium. He speaks on transferring money away from defense. He describes the standard candidates as all the same and as insider “domesticated political animals.” He says that he is a real Democrat of the people, not of business and that he will challenge the power structure.

52:55Copy video clip URL Brown speaks with reporters outside.

53:10Copy video clip URL Event for Buchanan. Interview with a man who does a balloon rise.

55:00Copy video clip URL Buchanan appears. He answers questions on tax reform, staying competitive in technology, and defense including bringing troops home from Europe.

57:16Copy video clip URL Buchanan speaks with supporters outside, telling an enquirer that his wife drives a Mercedes but he drives a Cadillac.

59:27Copy video clip URL Footage ends.



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