[The 90’s Election Specials raw: Harkin in Nashua – Nader in Manchester]

Raw footage for The 90's election specials. Senator Tom Harkin campaigns in Nashua, New Hampshire, then brief footage of the Jerry Brown and Pat Buchanan campaigns, ending with the Ralph Nader campaign in Manchester.

00:00Copy video clip URL Harkin remarks on his pilot training.

00:38Copy video clip URL Harkin speaks on emphasizing preventative healthcare and cutting administrative costs. He suggests simply taking funding away from administrative purposes and giving them to preventative healthcare measures.

01:41Copy video clip URL Harkin: “When Ronald Reagan came to office he was going to cut down the federal government; so was George Bush. There are more people working for the federal government today than there was when Ronald Reagan came into office and we’re getting less services. That ought to tell you something.”

02:21Copy video clip URL Harkin gives his thoughts on improving the import/export exchange, the trade deficit with Japan, and the competitiveness of the auto industry. He comments on the necessity of accountability and challenging engineers, specifically mentioning airbags.

5:01Copy video clip URL Harkin proposes to improve employment in the construction and housing markets by first investing in transportation infrastructure and then offering interest-rate subsidies and more low-income housing.

6:55Copy video clip URL Harkin on his reception in New Hampshire: “I think there’s been a very positive, strong response…. A poll in December showed that over 60% of the people have never heard me or heard my message. And I think that’s what the next month is all about, is getting my message across to the broad spectrum of people in New Hampshire.”

07:27Copy video clip URL Harkin is invited to speak at Philips Exeter Academy.

08:34Copy video clip URL Harkin is challenged on the pay raises passed by Congress. He says that the cost of living pay raise may have been automatic and regarding the lump sum pay raise he says, “no excuses here.” He concludes “That’s really the question. Whose side are you on? I’m on the side of the working people.”

10:25Copy video clip URL Harkin is asked about the effect of the reductions in the defense industry for the private sector. He mentions tax money going to build high-speed rail, renewable energy sources, and high-speed computers instead of weapons.

12:40Copy video clip URL Footage of Nashua.

15:51Copy video clip URL Interview with a reporter. “You don’t have among the Democrats the kind of magic you had with Dukakis….. There is kind of a malaise among the voters. There is individual, isolated enthusiasm for individual, isolated Democratic candidates.” Reporter speaks on the New England character and some of the press’ misunderstanding thereof.

19:58Copy video clip URL Interview with junior Jenny Tucker from Exeter High School who says she was more impressed by Clinton but finds Harkin more personal.

22:55Copy video clip URL Harkin does a photo op and then leaves.

25:13Copy video clip URL Footage from Jerry Brown’s office.

26:00Copy video clip URL Interview with Act Up activists outside of an office for Buchanan. The group is working to raise awareness for AIDS and to get candidates to address the issue.

30:00Copy video clip URL Man describes New Hampshire’s motto regarding AIDS as “ignorance is bliss.” He says “education is our only weapon.” Another says, “George’s position on AIDS is let the people die. He doesn’t care. ‘They’re black and poor and gay and drug users so why should we care about them.'”

31:59Copy video clip URL Ralph Nader speaks to supporters on the inability of politicians to deliver. He maintains that no president can deliver without a very strong and supporting Congress. Nader comments that the corporate-government complex is restricting democracy and that no one has a way to confront special interests.

34:00Copy video clip URL Nader: “You never lose. Let’s say you have no citizen forums, not one candidate says ‘yes’ on any of the agenda, and I don’t get a single write-in vote. We still win because there are people of various ages coming into the citizen movement.”

36:22Copy video clip URL Nader mentions the advantages of implementing a recall of senators. He speaks on the role of big corporations and media control. “There’s no critique” of corporate control of the media and the poor messages it sends to children, says Nader.

38:47Copy video clip URL Nader comments briefly on wetland conservation, fuel efficient vehicles, and CO2 reductions. Nader extols the advantages of investing in and promoting solar energy while noting that the other candidates do not even talk about it.

42:36Copy video clip URL Nader: “Do you all know how valuable canvassing is going to be for you ten years from now, in terms of character development?” “When it’s raining and cold and you’re canvassing, you’re entitled to reflect on why you can’t do this over the airways.” Nader speaks on his wish for greater opportunity for public or consumer membership use of airways.

48:06Copy video clip URL Nader comments on the gap, wider than ever, between the wealthiest individuals and the majority. He reiterates the inability of any president to counter big media. A supporter asks him to run nationwide with Ross Perot. Nader says “It would take a lot more than me.” He concludes with an example of a successful consumer group in Illinois.

53:31Copy video clip URL Nader leaves the building.

53:52Copy video clip URL Nader does a photo op holding a Philadelphia Inquirer with a headline reading “America: What Went Wrong?”

56:04Copy video clip URL Sign promoting Nader.

57:21Copy video clip URL Footage ends.



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