[The 90s Election Specials raw: Harold Washington legacy]

Footage for The 90's Election Specials. This tape includes footage for a The 90's segment called "President Who?" in which various people say who they would trust to be president. After this, there is footage of a Harold Washington fundraiser from 1987 followed by an interview with Izola White, who hosted this last fundraiser for Washington at her famous soul-food place, Izola's Restaurant.

00:00Copy video clip URL Color bars, black.

00:51Copy video clip URL “President Who?” – The intro to a television show recorded onto the tape in which videomaker Nancy Cain asks people who they would trust to be president.

01:07Copy video clip URL In Yorba Linda, CA, an older man says that he would support anyone who supports family values.

01:41Copy video clip URL Congressman Torres (from California) says that his district mirrors America, and talks about all the problems of the district. “The next president is going to have to look at my district.” He cites typical characteristics such as leadership and compassion. He then says that he wants a woman, and that woman should be Ann Richards.

02:51Copy video clip URL A man from Flint, Michigan wants someone who is not a politician.

03:23Copy video clip URL The tape cuts to footage off of a TV (at an angle) of a Harold Washington fundraiser in 1987. Attendees introduce themselves, typical footage of this type of event. A prayer is said before dinner.

09:20Copy video clip URL The cameraman attempts to talk to a distracted Harold Washington, who is confident that he will be reelected. Washington is then presented with the proceeds from the event. Washington thanks the crowd, and afterward people pose with Washington.

15:44Copy video clip URL Videomaker Andrew Jones talks to the owner of the footage, Izola White, in her home, and she says this fundraiser took place on January 14, 1987. (White hosted many fundraisers for South Side politicians in her restaurant.) She doesn’t think that Washington has been replaced. A man next to her says “When he died, the whole political system he started died with him.” He speaks well about Washington’s legacy.

18:22Copy video clip URL Back to Izola White, who says that Washington didn’t get a chance to finish his work. She, however, is a woman of few words, and the man says “Work killed Harold Washington.” They then discuss the effects of Washington’s diet and career on his health.

20:59Copy video clip URL “When Harold died, the whole black political leadership died.” The man goes on to describe the negative effects of Eugene Sawyer’s mayorship.

23:06Copy video clip URL Tape cuts to a car on the highway. Shots of the Chicago skyline at night.

24:32Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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