[The 90’s Election Specials raw: Illinois primary election night news coverage, 11pm-midnight]

Footage for The 90's election specials. Channel 7 11pm-midnight news, primary election night in Illinois.

00:00Copy video clip URL Numbers from Collins-Clemons, Fawell-Wesbury, Crane-Skoien U.S. House races.

02:41Copy video clip URL Highlights from Bulls vs. Nets. Results from local high schools and other sports coverage follow.

08:23Copy video clip URL Press projects Carol Moseley Braun’s victory in the Senate election with 37% to incumbent Senator Alan Dixon’s 34%. Footage from Braun’s headquarters, where a supporter says that women should be in office and women should vote for women.

10:22Copy video clip URL Reporter says that Dixon has not made more than one appearance downstairs. Democratic chairman speaks in the studio about Governor Bill Clinton and Braun’s upcoming elections.

16:32Copy video clip URL Dixon headquarters prepare for a concessions speech and Braun supporters await a victory speech. Dixon endorses Braun and asks his supporters to vote for her. He says that he understands the rules of the game and respects outcome of the voting as much as he respected his own victories.

23:08Copy video clip URL Commentator Vernon Jarrett agrees that the Clarence Thomas confirmation was the beginning of the end for Dixon. Jarrett calls Dixon’s attitude to politics “cavalier.” He says that Braun is qualified candidate and a class act.

25:46Copy video clip URL Braun dances before giving her victory speech. The crowd chants “Carol” before she speaks. She says her victory is proof that dedication and hard work can trump money.

31:52Copy video clip URL Predictions on the Richard Williamson / Braun general election race. Analyst says that Williamson was put forward by the Republican Party without hopes of his winning, but that the situation has changed with Braun’s victory in the primary. Jarrett says that Braun’s charisma and integrity will win her the election.

37:26Copy video clip URL Coverage of more local races and referendums.

46:13Copy video clip URL Further coverage of Dixon and his farewell speech where he says that he enjoyed every minute of public service. He says he leaves with no anger and that he will not run for public office again.

49:05Copy video clip URL Newsman looks at the demographics of the Senate race. He reports on judiciary elections. Press predicts Bobby Rush as the democratic nominee for U.S. House. They speak on Rush as an unusual type of candidate. The newsgroup remark on the changes in the political atmosphere and the ousting of a handful of long-time incumbents.

55:21Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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