[The 90’s Election Specials raw: Jerry Brown at parade]

Footage for the 90's Election Specials. At Chicago's South Side Irish [St. Patrick's Day] parade in Beverly, videomaker Judy Hoffman interacts with various political supporters and marchers, mostly Jerry Brown supporters waiting for Brown to arrive.

00:00Copy video clip URL Chicago’s South Side Irish parade. No sound. There are many happy parade marchers with signs.

01:58Copy video clip URL Sound begins and a Pat Buchanan campaign worker, George Grey, expresses disappointment with Buchanan not being present at the parade: “I feel totally down.”

06:31Copy video clip URL Hoffman talks to various Jerry Brown supporters, who feel that the media is purposely sabotaging the Brown campaign. Even their presence in the parade is supposedly restricted, though they may just be confused about where they are supposed to stand. All the supporters are very passionate about Brown, though, and eager to talk to Hoffman about volunteering.

24:27Copy video clip URL One volunteer says volunteering for Brown is “like being back in the ’60s again,” and Hoffman talks to a union worker who explains why he supports Brown.

29:05Copy video clip URL A band plays on top of a float.

31:10Copy video clip URL Mario Cuomo supporters and Brown supporters prepare to march. They worry Brown won’t be coming. Hoffman inquires about possible disappointment, and the issues versus the candidate.

46:48Copy video clip URL Hoffman analyzes the campaign with one of the main campaign volunteers she talked to earlier. They criticize a lack of any bureaucracy or organization at the national level.

55:28Copy video clip URL Jerry Brown arrives to march in the parade, and is met with very enthusiastic supporters. As they wait for the parade to begin, Brown says, “This parade is moving like America. Too slow!”

59:11Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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