[The 90’s Election Specials raw: Jerry Brown radio]

Footage for the 90's Election Specials. Jerry Brown at the Chicago radio station, WVON.

00:00Copy video clip URL Color bars.

00:33Copy video clip URL At WVON, a Chicago radio station, 1450 AM “Talk of Chicago.” General shots of the station and various radio equipment. No sound. A man sits down to talk, preparing to go on the air soon.

09:54Copy video clip URL Audio begins, and the radio program goes to advertisements, including one for senatorial candidate Carol Moseley Braun. Back to the program, the man talks about the shooting of congressman Mel Reynolds, and takes calls. The host and his phone guests mostly discuss racial issues and politics.

20:27Copy video clip URL Jerry Brown enters the radio station. Brown watches an Al Dixon senatorial campaign ad on TV, and they prepare for the radio interview.

25:17Copy video clip URL The interview begins. Brown says, “I’m running to bring up a system that isn’t working.” Brown thinks that Clinton will not be able to beat Bush, and also that Clinton is “implicated and embedded in this status quo.” “Think of my candidacy as a hammer to break the ice.” Brown talks about limiting campaign contributions in order to make it a people’s campaign. They go to an ad break, during which Brown and the host talk about the polarized nature of the city of Chicago.

36:29Copy video clip URL Back on the air. Brown continues to criticize the monetary based campaigns of others, saying that they do not have a candidacy based on the common populace. He speaks passionately about the ignorance of the poor by the top 1% of the population. They go to another ad break and the sound cuts out again. Videomaker Judy Hoffman wanders around the radio station, and Brown poses with the host.

46:08Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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