[The 90s Election Specials raw: John Rossen #2]

Raw footage continues from tape 10525 of a interview conducted for "The 90's" with John Rossen, a Spanish Civil War veteran, former Communist Party member, and now editor of The New Patriot, a left-wing newspaper published in Chicago.

00:00Copy video clip URL This footage continues from Tape 10525.

00:03Copy video clip URL Video cuts in mid-conversation. John Rossen says he is a humanist first and an American second. He says he believes in the ideas behind the funding of our country. “You have to have faith in the people.” The interviewer, Tom Weinberg, gets angry about the ignorance of the media of real problems. The audio cuts in and out.

03:00Copy video clip URL Stop/re-start digitizing. 40-seconds of tape lost to tape degradation. Weinberg is explaining that 90s will be canceled. PBS will no longer fund the show starting in 1993.

03:30 Stop/re-start digitizing. Rossen talks about volunteering in the Abraham Lincoln brigade which went to Spain to fight during the Spanish Civil War. We signed up after 5 Generals tried to over throw the results of the front election in 1936. We were part of the international brigades. We were not sent by any government. The audio cuts in and out.

05:00Copy video clip URL Stop/re-start digitizing. 60-seconds of tape lost to tape degradation. Cuts in mid-conversation. Rossen is telling of being an assistant to a Major in Tarazona de la Mancha. “I asked to go to the front and fight the Fascists. I participated in all the engagements of the Mackenzie-Papineau Battalion. I was a Lieutenant in charge of communications.” Audio cuts in and out.

06:40Copy video clip URL Stop/re-start digitizing. Seven minutes of tape lost to tape degradation. Rossen is in mid-conversation about a man called Pisha who was to present a paper on a one hundred and eighty degree turn on the partition of India. When they were in Karachi, the British had followed people they suspected as being a threat. “I had attended meetings of Ghandi’s followers. The British took note of me. I went to these meetings with a Jewish Rabbi. I was declared persona non grata, and the British asked I be sent back to the US. My commanding officer was baffled. He thought I was doing a good job. He said I can either send you back by air, which will take 4 days, or by boat and take 3-weeks.” He opted to take the boat because then he could attend a conference about the partition of India.

12:56Copy video clip URL Stop/re-start digitizing. B-roll of The New Patriot newspaper. Rossen and Weinberg talk friendly. Weinberg thanks Rossen for his time. Various b-roll of Rossen’s office: a Don’t Tread on Me flag, stacks of New Patriot editions, books. Rossen talks about meeting Ernest Hemingway in Spain. “My wife knew the woman he was dating.”

16:40Copy video clip URL Change of location. A man outside at a table is encouraging people to register to vote. He says it doesn’t matter who you represent as long as you vote. The deadline is October 5.

17:51Copy video clip URL B-roll of tour boat on the Chicago River.

18:11Copy video clip URL END.



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