[The 90s Election Specials raw: Jones’ selects 2]

Footage for The 90's Election Specials. Final selects of videomaker Andrew Jones' political footage, including: 90's people; Conrad Woorill - Chairman of the National Black United Front; Vernon Jarrett - Chicago Sun-Times; Clifton Howard - Butteon man; Hugh Delios - Chicago Tribune; Philip Jackson; Mary Flowers - State Representative.

00:00Copy video clip URL Black.

00:11Copy video clip URL Interview with Conrad Worrill, the Chairman of the National Black United Front, at a rally for incumbent Congressman Gus Savage’s reelection campaign. Congressman Charles Hayes also appears briefly. “Congressman Savage has been targeted by special interest groups…” Worrill says, talking about Israel and Africa.  “Seniority in Congress is very important to us [African-Americans].” Worrill doubts Mel Reynolds’ (Savage’s opponent) claims that he had been the victim of a drive-by shooting: “This is a tactic of desperation…. Mel Reynolds is actually an enemy of the African-American political development.”

05:34Copy video clip URL Vernon Jarrett, of the Chicago Sun Times, says “It’s not secret that IPAC… [a Jewish-American group] is putting up most of the money for his opponent, Mel Reynolds.” He says that black leaders have been “a little too silent, a little too coy.”

08:31Copy video clip URL Jarrett analyzes the Charles Hayes / Bobby Rush race as well, explaining it in terms of gentrification. On redistricting: “Black people are being cut short of the number of wards that they should have in terms of higher representation than whites.”

10:38Copy video clip URL The Final Call newspaper.

10:53Copy video clip URL A man selling buttons speaks somewhat incoherently about supporting Gus Savage.

13:11Copy video clip URL Hugh Delios, a Chicago Tribune reporter who was targeted by Savage during the rally, said he played along because he didn’t want to add fuel to Savage’s fire.

14:41Copy video clip URL Phillip Jackson introduces Political Saturday at Operation PUSH. “Their [Politicians’] mission should not be a one day thing.” “We don’t seek political and human excellence from our representatives. And we don’t get it.”

16:56Copy video clip URL Carol Moseley Braun posters.

17:19Copy video clip URL Bobby Rush for US Congress billboard, and then driving on a highway.

17:46Copy video clip URL State Representative Mary Flowers (running for reelection). “However Chicago goes, that’s the way the rest of the nation goes.” “We lost a black mayor [Harold Washington] because of the savviness of politicians.” She also calls redistricting “the worst thing that could have happened to us.”

21:39Copy video clip URL Radio b-roll about Mel Reynolds.

21:55Copy video clip URL Tape from the Gus Savage “Truth rally.” A man onstage sings before the tape cuts.

23:14Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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