[The 90s Election Specials raw: Jones’ selects]

Footage for The 90's Election Specials. Selects of videomaker Andrew Jones' political footage, including National Guard bites, Hyde Park '92, Hayes/Rush bites; Terry Peterson (Alderman Alan Streeter's chief of staff); 90's people Charlie Hayes analysis.

00:00Copy video clip URL South Side Irish parade, shots of green-clad various parade-goers on the streets or on floats. The 90’s correspondent Patrick Creadon makes an appearance.

01:11Copy video clip URL Interview with a Terry Peterson, chief of staff for Alderman Alan Streeter in the 17th ward. He talks about Mel Reynolds’ challenge to Savage’s incumbency, and also about black politics in Chicago. “I believe personally that Chicago sets the trend for the rest of the United States when it comes to politics.” He says that to some extent people do vote along racial lines, and that it would be “naive” to think otherwise.

06:34Copy video clip URL Tape cuts, still in the car with Peterson, who summarizes the various races. Peterson talks about the 17th ward, and the alderman for which he campaigns. This leads him into an explanation of the Chicago Democratic “machine.”

08:32Copy video clip URL Putting up signs with Peterson around the ward. Peterson says that politics is not “the greatest thing to be involved in, but it’s the quickest way to make a difference.”

12:23Copy video clip URL Jones approaches a lone Carol Moseley Braun campaign sign on a boarded up building.

12:30Copy video clip URL Illinois National Guard doing drills. Jones asks them their opinions about politics. They say there aren’t enough “good politicians” and politicians make too many empty promises.

21:26Copy video clip URL Jones tapes a Bobby Rush volunteer in Rush’s campaign office, as well as maps of Congressional districts, and a poster of Bobby Rush. Also a picture of Braun, and endorsements of Bobby Rush from newspapers.

26:01Copy video clip URL A volunteer and friend of Congressman Charles Hayes (running for reelection against, and ultimately defeated by, Bobby Rush). The man explains the redistricting and promotes Hayes’ character. “Charlie Hayes, ever since I’ve known him, is for the poor people, the working man.”

28:23Copy video clip URL Hayes and Braun posters in Hayes’ campaign office. Another old friend of Hayes, and a union worker, describes Hayes’ work with the labor movement.

29:50Copy video clip URL Another Hayes supporter has known Hayes for 12 years. “He’s been a tireless worker for human rights… for the working man.”

31:12Copy video clip URL Interview with Izola White, owner of the soul food centered Izola’s Restaurant, talks about fundraisers she has held for Charles Hayes and Harold Washington.

32:24Copy video clip URL In the Izola’s Restaurant kitchen, a cook prepares a turkey, and someone shows us soups and things. Someone eating this soup is interviewed in the dining room, and he supports Gus Savage and Charles Hayes. Another man thinks politics is about favoritism. He stands next to a picture of former Chicago Mayor Harold Washington.

35:40Copy video clip URL Back to Izola White, who supports Hayes, and talks about her friends in politics. Cutaways of Izola’s restaurant.

37:41Copy video clip URL Hayes’ office briefly, but Hayes is not in. Then Jones looks for Bobby Rush at his office, but he is not there either.

38:53Copy video clip URL Bill Clinton on a small black and white TV.

39:30Copy video clip URL Interview with Bill Burke, Rush’s campaign manager. He helpfully explains the demographics of the 1st Congressional district after the redistricting. “The new boundaries are certainly an asset [for Rush]… it gives us a more level playing field.” He talks about how he got involved with Bobby Rush, talks about Rush’s involvement with the Black Panthers, and his status as a Vietnam veteran.

45:30Copy video clip URL Charles Hayes at a rally for Gus Savage: “The same people that are trying to oust Gus Savage are some of the same people who are trying to oust me.” “It’s time for us to stand up and stick together.” He also talks about the Congressional Black Caucus. He agrees with Carol Moseley Braun that Congress is a “millionaire’s club.”

50:55Copy video clip URL Hayes backstage, getting congratulated.

52:32Copy video clip URL Jones interviews Hayes. “Black politics in Chicago is very important to the success of the Democratic party both on the state and the federal level… we are not getting a fair share of the results of our contribution.” He thinks that redistricting has diluted the black vote, and promises to march in the “Irish Day” parade.

55:05Copy video clip URL Hayes has no presidential endorsement, and lists things that he wants from the president. He calls Tsongas “pitiful.” He would support Jesse Jackson, if he was running. Hayes believes Jackson is not running “given the viciousness now that pervades this country.” “Things are getting more rougher for black people as a whole,” he says, and tells an anecdote about walking with Martin Luther King, Jr.

59:32Copy video clip URL End of tape.



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